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How to fly Fokker D.VII?

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Many resources say Fokker D.VII is the best single seat fighter in WWI but I can't feel that in game. The rudder and aileron aren't very effect in dogfight as compared with SPAD or S.E.5a.Is there any trick to fly the plane well? Thx and sorry for my bad English. :rolleyes:

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Have you checked out peter01's fms? For mmp, I have adjusted the fm of the D7 to be comparable to the Spad (most fun to fly IMHO), and in turn the N28, Dolphin, SE5a, and Pfalz 12. The D7 was a dog in the first release, better in the first patch, and still needing more energy in peter's fm. The beauty of FE is that you can make this game anyway you want it. Read the posts and try it yourself, as long as you backup your work, you cannot hurt anything.


If you decide to try online play (mmp), get teamspeak, a headset with mike, and both hamachi and hyperlobby. Right now we are using hyperlobby because one of our players still has 98 and cannot use hamachi. Because the SimHQ teamspeak server is down, we are using the CombatAce TS server TAC3 channel - log in anonymously no pw. MrCraig and I will be online monday-thursday at 1900-2100 CST. I will be in and out today and sunday. This will give you a chance to try my take on the D7 fm.


Hope this helps. Welcome aboard.

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