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The Gun

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So... I made another bash at this SPAD XII. Ca. bird. For EP1 this time.

In case you haven't heard of it - that's a fighter with a 37mm cannon firing through the spinner. My version is a minor edit of SPAD XIII.



Installation is not user friendly yet. Go to Objects/Aircraft. Create folder SPAD12. Copy there all camo folders from SPAD13 folder. Unpack ini's there. Don't forget to assign secondary fire button in control options - it fires the cannon.


What you get is a plane armed with an awesome deadly gun capable of ripping any plane to shreds with one hit.

The catch is that it's nearly impossible to aim the cannon (use MG tracers like real pilots did) - I haven't hit the target once in whole evening. Thanks to new game engine, increased weight and reduced hp, the "bird" now handles like a cow. I also made another adjustment and shifted center of gravity a bit forward and believe me you'll feel that. Since cockpit position is determined by CG I had to tweak the pit back into place.

After you try this, you'll understand why it hadn't been mass-produced. :biggrin:

You must hit reload after each shot. You have 12 shells in total. Reload time - 12secs. Note that reload sound lasts only 6. BYOW.

To take off without ending up stuck in dirt outside the airfield push the stick first to get tail skid in the air. That really helps to gain speed faster.

You can try taking the whole flight armed with those kites (AI sometimes fires the gun too) but having something agile around to guard you is much more advisable.


I'm eager to hear some suggestions to minor FM/data adjustment. Minor, 'cause I'm no FM genius and those tables scare me.

Also I'd like to know if anyone is getting their plane labelled as SPAD XIII instead of SPAD XII. This bug appeared when I added tweaked cockpit.ini from S.13. :dntknw:


P.S. Anyone already tried assigning S.13 pit to S.7? Does it fit? :haha:

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Oh yeah! Look out big bombers. :biggrin: Don't have time right now to check this out (gotta go work awhile) but I have the XII mod from before and its fun. I have the SPAD VII flying with the XIII pit. Works OK with some adjustment. Need to realign the gunsight, though.

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Ok. Figured out the S.XIII. name issue. It happens when you first select an all SPAD XIII. flight and then switch your plane to XII. One less troulbe.

Finally managed to get a couple of hits from very close range. AI doesn't like the plane much though. Didn't fire the gun once this time.



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