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More PTO mods coming...

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Just some stuff nearing completion, thought I'd share it with the 2 dozen-odd people that are still flying it in the SF series...


George, 343 Kokutai:




Some I-16 Rata experiments...playing with fabric coverings (still!!)





modified Tomahawk pit for I-16 (using some of Lexx's move ideas.. unfortunately, wingshield frame can't be corrected to proper framing...but hey, all the insturments work!)



(and there's some 'drift' in the ring-bead sight when your view is not fully centered ... same as the P-40B/C, but normally it's fine, and the aimpoint is correct)


Nate skins, updates of my orignal 'natural metal', with better markings




Generic green..




Also switched over the pit to AD's Oscar version; much nicer and more accurate sight (ok, the standard ring-bead again)


All get new redrawn panel, rivets (interperative, of course) weathering, stains, dirt mud and etc. Just have to write up the readmes, install instructions, and finsh off a few other tweeks. The 343 skin gave me fits, as there's like 3 or 4 different numbering schemes...I just went with the easiest.

I've another George skin, heavilly weathered, and need to do more research as to other squadrons that used them...and have easy decals to make.


Oh, btw, any skinners out there have any hints as to HOW to do the peeled paint better for the IJN/IJAAF????



kevin stein

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