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I-16-10 Rata Skin & Ini Update Pak

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I-16-10 Rata Skin & Ini Update Pak

Polikarpov I-16-10 CAF update package for SF/WoV/WoE WW2: PTO installs


This little package will upgrade Wolf's cute little Soviet fighter to fit more with current standards of loads, lights and cockpit. You'll be transfering files from another of his WW2 Planes, so make sure you have them installed.


I've included a newer version of Wolf's Chinese Air Force skin. The skin has newly redrawn panel lines, 'interperative' rivets added (meaning I claim no historical accuracy for their placement), some weathering and general dirt added. But -- the credit for the original skin is STILL with Wolf; all I did was fiddle with some eye candy bits.


This package contains tweeked data, loadout and cockpit inis. The cockpit ini (now called "Rata_Cockpit.ini) is a copy of the one from Wolf's Tomahawk/P-40B, as it has a better look for this aircraft (albeit not perfect, but workable). You will be transfering the cockpit folder from the Tomahawk for use in this aircraft. The ini has had the pilot positions adjusted to match the I-16, plus some 'moves' courtesy of what I've learned from Lexx_Luthor.


I have also included a small (25kg) WW2 Soviet bomb, that comes with the Dev A-Team's IL-2, so you'll be using the weapons editor to add this as well.




=You MUST Also have the WW2 Nations Ini to have the correct nations=


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for fully detailed, step-by-step install instructions, plus the usual notes, commentaries and propaganda




Kevin Stein


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