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Outstanding AI showing!

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My 4th mission into a Camel campaign, and not a single loss yet from my squadron! Morale is soaring, and Plt Off Thompson made Ace today with 5 kills, in-one-mission!!! :good: We were on an offensive patrol over the hun lines when we spotted our target, a handful of DFWCV's several thousand feet below us and heading slowly for our lines, no doubt loaded with Tommy knockers. However, I was reluctant to give up all that altitude we fought for going over the lines, as the archie was murderous, especially around those bridges...


So I decided to hang out a while at 7000+ ft. and shadow them for a while, you know, wait for just the right moment to pounce. Bloody good thing I did, for sure enough, what looked like nearly two flights from a Jasta of Albatri appeared seemingly out of nowhere from the clouds less than a mile away, but a few thousand feet below. I wasn't sure if they had seen us yet, so I ordered the boys in and followed afterwards to pick off the unwary.


We did surprise them; I'm sure almost everyone got one on the first pass, but it was hard to tell in all the confusion exactly who was going down in flames. After sending 2 of the DV's "West" myself, and not being able to see any of my mates in need, I figured that was enough and dove out to make a run for the lines, signaling anybody in sight to follow for home. When we got back I was damn surprised to see all the boys made it back safely, and at the debrief found out all had prevailed well over the enemy. Plt Off Thompson was absolutely on fire in the cockpit, metaphorically speaking of course... He should receive a medal for this action, and while he is a mediocre pilot at this point (or, I thought he was anyways), he has become the first Ace in the squadron and undoubtedly increased the morale of the unit.


[and oh, only mod was to decrease the AimAngles by about half for each level of skill. All settings hard except targeting/HUD. I can hardly wait for the new WeaponsEditor to come out, it is taking on average a handful of bullets per plane, and that is just too easy, though I'm loving seeing the AI doing so well... STILL HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE ACE with 3 campaigns going, nearly 2 dozen missions post-Expansion...]



Thompson's stats are really not that impressive (this screen was grabbed after his wild mission, just for illustration), but funny enough to see all the junior pilots with higher morale than all the officers! What does CND mean???


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What does CND mean???

Physical condition. Drops after a tough mission - exhaustion I guess. Goes down a lot when WIA. In WOE it also drops when a pilot ejects.


If you have Excel try using my Squadron Editor to adjust all these values. It does help to a degree.

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