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N1K2-J 'George' Skins & Ini Update Pak

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N1K2-J 'George' Skins & Ini Update Pak

N1K2-J 'George" Update For SF/WoV/WoE WW2: PTO installs


This is an update to Wolf257's N1K2-J "George" IJN fighter.


As stated, this mod, consisting of 2 new skins, data and loadout ini mods is designed to update things to the most current standard. Weapons loadouts have been adjusted for "Imperial Japan" usage, lights have been repositioned, and some tweeks to the data ini, mostly in hardpoints, loadings and an enhanced AI section added, along with switching over to 'metric' readouts for those that play with the info sections visible in the lower left corner.


The first skin represents 343 Kokoutai - all 3 Squadrons-, Genda's "Squadron of Experts", in the Home Defense role circa early 1945-to the end of the war. I've redrawn all the panel lines, added my 'interperative' rivet lines (meaning no claims to accuracy are made!), worn and dirtied it up some. Individual aircraft numbers are 'best guess' based on a few profiles, and some info I've gathered on IJN numbering sequences. Therefore, 100% accuracy is NOT claimed for these as well.


Skin #2, ie "IJN2" represents aircraft from the Yokosuka Air Group (couldn't find the number), and is very heavily weathered. (my first attempt at the 'peeled paint', so be kind! - I DO have some ideas on how to improve it.)


Included also is a repainted bmp for the Zeke cockpit (as it's used on the George), that 'hides'' the MG breeches, kinda.

I've even enclosed my George hangar and loading screens, for those that don't already have them. They're the same ones, so if you've got them already...no biggie (just so's ya know), and the damaged tga for the shot-up look.


The screenshot above, is the 343 Kokutai skin.





PLEASE read the enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions, plus various notes, commentaries and general mental wanderings....


Happy Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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