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Part One J-7II and F-7 Pack

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File Name: Part One J-7II and F-7 Pack

File Submitter: gerald14

File Submitted: 3 Nov 2007

File Category: Mig-21


J-7II Pack by Gerald14

Part One


J-7EH In A Anti Ship Mission with Eagle Strikes


Beta 0.1

First pack of the J-7II or later types

Types of J-7II that are in the pack:


















For the J-7E and later types are third wire's Mig-21F-13 models not new ones

, since a hard drive crash I lost the J-7 models but not my MiG-21's.

Once I start doing the models, I will upload them.


In the early 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet Union shared most of its conventional weapons technology with the People's Republic of China. One of these was the famous MiG-21 short-range interceptor and fighter aircraft. Powered by a single engine and designed on a simple airframe, these fighters were inexpensive but fast, suiting the strategy of forming large groups of 'people's fighters' to overcome the technological advantages of Western aircraft.


With the delivery of a handful of MiG-21F fighters along with technical documents, China set about to reverse engineer the aircraft for local production. The effort was largely successful, as the Chinese design showed only minor differences from the original. Poor initial quality and slow progress resulted in full scale production only coming about in the 1980s, by which time the design was showing its age. However, the fighter is affordable and widely exported as the F-7, often with Western systems incorporated like the ones sold to Pakistan.



Most actions carried out by the F-7 have been air-to-ground missions. In air-to-air missions, there have rarely been any encounters resulting in dogfights.


In the mid 1990s, the PLAAF began replacing its J-7Bs with the substantially-redesigned J-7E variant. The wings of the J-7E have been changed to a unique "double delta" design offering improved aerodynamics and increased fuel capacity, and the J-7E also features a more powerful engine and improved avionics. The newest version of the J-7, the J-7G, entered service with the PLAAF in 2003.


The role of the J-7 in the People's Liberation Army is to provide local air defence and tactical air superiority. Large numbers are to be employed to deter enemy air operations.



Loadouts are not right


It's a beta, so it will have bugs


Not any I know of.



Gerald14 (me): J-7 data and fm's, F-7 sight

Wrench: for the data cockpit files and screens

??????:For late A-4 cockpit

Badger: MiG-21F-13 cockpit

ThirdWire: Mig-21F-13 C model

Loading Screens:Sinodefence

Info: Wikipedia and Sinodefence

CombatAce: for hosting the file

Sorry for anyone I miss and PM me




You must have the lastest Weapons Pack!

Also you must have the MF's MiG-21F-13 for the effects.


Place file in the Aircraft folder and cut and paste the J-7's to your Aircraft folder!!!!!!


Also you need the Nations Pack get it here :http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=1630


ADD Weapons Data to your Weapons Data and open Weapon Ed and save Eagle Strike


Then go Fly!!!!!!!


Please email me at gerald14juarez@yahoo.com or PM if you have any problems.


Click here to download this file

Edited by gerald14

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