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Charlie's Angels - (Aces of North Vietnam campaign update)

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Hi all!


It's been a few months I've been putting together several mods related to WOV and MK2's Aces of NVietnam campaign. I wanted first to create a pack with all my favorite mods, with all the minor INI bugs corrected, that I could burn on a CD for personal storage.

But I've thought that others could be interested in this update of AOVN. So I'm considering releasing it as an all-incluvise pack.

Since I don't want any trouble, here's the list of the mods included with their authors ( and is going to be included in the read-me file).

If you find one of your mods in this list and you don't want it to be part of my pack, please tell me here.



AOVN by MK2, US squadrons added by Rhugouvi






Cellinsky sky

Polak skymods



A-1H : MontyCZ & Digital Overload

BQM34 : RussoUK2002

xB-66x : Bunyap

F-105 F&G : Armourdave, Lansen, Sundowner, Column5

F-111A : Team Vark (wpnssgt, Column5, Sundowner, Hackworth, USAFMTL, Chaser617, Mk2, Tiwaz, Spectre-USA, dwcace, Murphey's, 531 Ghost, Sylle), cockpit : Mike Werner

Cockpit for MiG-17 & MiG-19 : SU-17 Cockpit by Armourdave

MiG-12F : Mirage Factory

Cockpits for MiG-21s : Mago & Badger

RA-5C : A-5B by MontyCZ + RA-5C mod by Rhugouvi, cockpit by Kesselbrut, skins by Paul Nortness

Fubar512 ÜberAI_V2.0



ZIL by Kesselbrut



Brain32 SEATerrain

Deuces SEATerrain Trees

Polak SeaMod 1.1

Fubar512 watereffects


Vietnamese Speech:

Nguyen Dang Hat + Rhugouvi


PS: Sorry for multiple posting here, on Column5 and SimHQ, but I want to be sure that I don't miss anyone.

Edited by rhugouvi

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Oh, man! when are you going to release it? and, Are you going to include some helicopters?

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So, no one seems to disagree about the release of the pack.

I've renamed it Charlie's Aces to preclude copyright issues.

Available any time now at Check-Six.

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And... why not here? A question: It's possible to play the American campaings also?

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