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F-51D Mustang, Generic Natural Metal, Skin & Ini Pak

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F-51D Mustang, Generic Natural Metal, Skin & Ini Pak

P-51D-30, Generic Post-WW2 Skin and Ini Update for SF, WoV & WoE


A "simple, plain old garden variety" natural metal skin for Wolf's P-51D-30 Mustang, that uses the "P-51D30_V3.LOD", or in other words, the latest version that's available in the "Planes Pak", to be found at CombatAce .


This is a 'representative' skin for the F-51D Mustang, in the post-1947 era, right after the formation of the US Air Force. I did some experimentation with 'paneling'. I just used various verrry light tones of gray to try and create the differing panel sections. The skin itself was created from Wolf's original template, with cleaned up and redrawn panel lines, my 'interperative' rivets, and a new look for the cowl vent/air filter inlet.

The tail serial numbers are actual P-51D serials, just so's your tail fin don't look and feel so neeked.

I've also created the "buzz numbers" so prevelant in the post-war period, and into the Korea War, so this skin set will fit nicely into a "Cold War Gone Hot: 1948" scenario, or even a Korean War one.


As everybody knows how I hate to waste good decals, and just for fun, I transfered over and positioned a whole bunch of the various nose arts from other aircraft. So there's something to look at; and most surely against the Regs in the post-war era....there may be some partial or semi-nudidity on some some of them.


A few changes in the cockpit ini, added 2 new sight tgas (K-14 AA and AG sights). Instructions are below, in the "To Install" section.

And, once again, all the lights have correct positions, colors, and that nice little retractable landing light lens that Wolf provided for us, in now actually the landing light. --- really, this is the last time I'm fixing it!!!!

A new, WoE style Hangar Screen is also provided, for those wishing to use the aircraft/skin in a CWGH: 48 style install.


== You MUST also have the latest weapons pak to make use of the WW2 weapons.==


As stated above, there here highly detailed, step-by-step install instructions -- so PLEASE read them, ok???




kevin stein

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