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A day for the Books

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Today we started having major problems with our new forklift,again. This time it started backfiring and chugging like a car on a Bugs Bunny cartoon. After that it wouldn't start and was blocking our loading dock. I had to get the old lift running to tow the new one out of the way and resume deliveries to the main building. Anyway, I tripled up the tow rope, hook the lifts together and had our new drive ride as a safety on the in-op one. I took about five minutes to drag, yes drag that piece of Korean crap 100', my wheels were breaking traction on the light coat of sand that's accumulated around our warehouse,so it was slow down, stop, readjust the tow vehicle start over. After I got the lift that was TANGO UNIFORM where I wanted it I told the safety driver to set the brake. She called back to me.... " I forgot to release it when you started."


Now I ask you, how was your day and how many beers did it take you to get over it?


Mine was a couple of Arrogant Bast**ds, the BIG ones.

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Oh gawd... the handbreak thing... that sucks! My day though...


This arvo I randomly went looking for one of the admin staff on the 5th floor of my building today to get some help with a task when I saw the professor she assists. Out of the blue he says to me "I heard you had an altercation with the manager in the dental office (3rd floor, 7th layer of hell) the other day, wanna tell me about it? I know that they can be bitchy and cliquey there and I here you're been taking a bit of their crap for a while now." So I told him in passing how she bit my head off in front of a bunch of people for apparently not doing something I was told to do by her (which I had and was in the process of being sorted by HR at the time). I said nothing about the quite childish and sexist comments she'd made when he'd piped up "Yeah, I'd she's said something about being a dickless wonder... want to make a formal complaint?"


Now as much as I'd like to see her thrown out on her arse for being an awfully inefficient manager and a general pain in the arse of everyone who's not on the 3rd floor, I didn't particularly feel like snitching in that they would make sure my department would suddenly, inexplicably find themselves facing unnecessary delays, our mail and orders would go 'missing', our orders finding their way to the bottom of the pile etc (yes, they are that petty!) I said "Nah, it was a while ago and she made herself look like a tool in front of other people anyways." To which he replies "Oh well, she's got three other formal complaints from staff concerning verbal attacks to have to deal with anyways. Looks like you'll have a new school manager soon." And then trundled off. Now, despite being effing stoked that karma's going to bite her in the arse quite soon, I'm trying not to think about the amount of work my dept. and I could have achieved if she hadn't wandered in with her size 12s...


To answer your question, its a pair or coronas so far, but I'm about to head off to see Muse play. I figure there's gotta be a couple of pints with my name on them...

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