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MiG-23MK carrierborne Flogger

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MiG-23MK carrierborne Flogger

MiG-23MK for WoE


This is a mod of the stock MiG-23M of Wings over Europe.

It will not work with SFP1 and WOV because the lod files are not included.

If you want to use it with SFP1 or WOV you must extract the files






from WOE objects.cat and copy them into your MiG-23M folder.





Unzip all files into your Wings Over Europe/Objects/Aircraft folder.


Thats it.




The MiG-23MK is fiction, so far that no carrierborne MiG-23 was built in the Soviet Union. But during the 70th the Soviet Navy had a high ranking aircraft carrier programm (Orel or Orjol class). Orel was canceled by Marshall Grechko who favored the Project 1143, the later Kiev class aircraft carrier.

For soviet carrier groups the MiG-23 was the planned interceptor, the MiG-27 the intended strike plane. From both types prototypes were built, as far as i know, and were tested at the Saki facility at the Crimea penisula. With the canceling of the Orel was no need for seria production of the MiG-23MK.




differences to stock MiG-23M:

* modified flightmodel of the plane to improve the handling.

* added capability to land on aircraft carriers

* added on board jammer

* added 15 flares and 15 Chaff

* added Magos great MiG-21MF cockpit (thanks for it Mago!)

* added working HUD (inspired by the HUD of Marcfighters Su-27 and TK's F-15 and Harrier. Thanks for it!) The HUD is much more improved than in my flyable MiG-23M

* added the capability to carry 2 fuel tanks under the outer wings


Known problem: You cant see the tailhook coming down.





Hope you enjoy it



Michael (Gepard)


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