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  1. Insignia and tactical numbers on stock tanks. Here M48A2, M48A3 and M60A1
  2. TB2 Nightmare

    SPR-1 was soviet made. It came mid 1980th to us. At this time the NATO introduced arti ammo whith radio controlled fuse. It should explode over the target to increase the ammount of destruction. SPR-1 operated in two ways. Either to switch off the radio controlled fuzed by burning through their electronic devices. Or second to ignit the ammo in a distance that was safe for the ground troops. IIRC the west germans had a similar system based on Marder.
  3. TB2 Nightmare

    What kind of stuff you are drinking?
  4. TB2 Nightmare

    Good question. If the Anti-Radar-Missiles are able to detect the jamming frequences, then sure. But electronic warefare is a wide field. A continous jamming is not neccessary. A point jamming, focused on a spot, can be done in a short time. And then is the question, what is quicker, the jamming of the drone or the Anti-Radiation-Missile? Could be very interesting. Interesting, because you can lure an Anti-Radiation-Missile on a wrong way. Do you remember on Kosovo war in 1999, when a HARM missile, which was aimed on a serbian radar, was victim of decoy transmitters and finaly exploded in a suburb of the bulgarian capital Sofia. Electronic warfare is the battle ground of the future. It is the main defence against swarms of drones. A lot depends on the technic, but also on the quality of the soldiers. And one thing i have learned in the past, that it is very stupid to underestimate the abilities of an opponent.
  5. TB2 Nightmare

    I know you hate the russians and the germans too. Your statements are full of hate. A discussion with you is nearly impossible.
  6. TB2 Nightmare

    Russia Today? Do you think i believe their propaganda bullshit? My source is DW (Deutsche Welle), the german broadcast agency for foreign countries. https://www.dw.com/en/osce-drone-shot-down-while-spotting-russian-surface-to-air-missile-in-ukraine/a-46125199
  7. TB2 Nightmare

    True. But all depends on the quality of the soldiers and it is a well known fact, that the caucasians are better dancers than soldiers. They lack disciplin. The drones in Nagorny Karabahk conflict were really game changers. Their advantage was that the armanians were not aware of that threat. The armenians beliefed in a conventional war with tanks, artillery, helicopters and planes. But drones were unexpected. Thatswhy they had had no defence against drones. Their soldiers were not trained to detect and fight against drones. Drones are mostly small objects which are often stealthy. And they are slow. So they were missidentified as birds and their signals were ignored by the radar operators. In future you can expect, that "bird" signals on radar screens will get more attention by the radar guys.
  8. TB2 Nightmare

    1) The russians had nothing to do with the Nagorny Karabakh war 2021. It were the Armenians vs Aserbaidshanians. The russians were not involved in this conflict. 2) In Libya the russians have "mercenary" troops (Wagner) similar to american Blackwater Company. There is no need for high tech jammers. 3) Syria is a good question. Maybe the russians have their jammers at their naval base and air bases. Or they are confident, that they dont need them there. 4) The SPR-1 is technology of the mid, late 80th. Today there are more sophisticated systems available. Today the jamming is focused on the on board electronic of the drone. If you remember, the iranians were able to bring down an american drone by jamming. IIRC last year or two years ago. And i think that american technology should be superior to turkish. So if american drones are vulnerable against jamming, so are turkish drones vulnerable too. Any by the way, laser guided missiles can be jammed. The russian T-90 tanks have laser jammers on the turret. They were intended to jam laser guided Hellfire missiles.
  9. TB2 Nightmare

    I think the SPR-1 jammers should be in use by ukrainian army too.
  10. TB2 Nightmare

    True. But the Armenians had not had the jammer to protect their ground forces. I remember, that we had in East Germany special vehicles with jammers to protect the tank units against drones and ammo with radio conrolled ignition. IIRC the vehicles were called SPR-1 or SRP-1 or so. So it looked: This was 35 years ago. In the meantime the jammer technic should be much better. The russians tested their jammer devices some years ago against austrian observation drones , which had got the task from OSCE to observe the Donbas area. The russians grilled their onboard electronics by massive jamming and the drones were falling from sky.
  11. SA-5 Gammon (S-200 Vega) SAM site at Socotra (terrain WIP) Edit: After a look on a Google Earth sat pic of an old east german SA-5 base i found out, that each SAM Launcher position had an own storage bunker. Thatswhy i changed the design of the site a little bit. Now it looks so:
  12. The FM in First Eagles World behaves a little bit different than in SF2 world. Its a fun to copy a F-4 from SF2 into FE2 and fly it there. Especially when flying very low in a mountain area.
  13. TB2 Nightmare

    The russians have already grilled drones over the Donbas area in former times. Why not the Turkey drones in future?
  14. Eurofighter will remain operational up to 2060

    In the case of the B-52, you mentioned, a lot was wrong in the development pipeline. First it was intended to replace the B-52 by B-58 Hustler. A big fail. Then the B-70 Valkyrie, an even bigger fail. Then the B-1A which was a fail. Then the B-1B which was rather mediocre than good. Then the B-2 which is much to expensive to operate this bird in large numbers. So the B-52 is still operational, because there is no plane that fits better the needs of the USAF. Or as my old professor said: "It is not neccessary to have the high potentials, you must have the right potentials!"
  15. Eurofighter will remain operational up to 2060

    If a plane is older than the pilot, then something is wrong in development pipeline.
  16. Is it possible to add something to a ground object with the fake pilot, in the same way we can do it with planes? I would like to have a driver in the M38 Jeep.
  17. For the chinese T-69 you can simply use the stock T-62A LOD. What TK sold us as soviet T-62 is not a T-62 but a chinese T-69.
  18. It works! Never thought it would work!!! Hi Suzi! I would like to have one Cheeseburger with French Fries and a big Coke!
  19. The Drive-in, the most important part of an american Airbase.
  20. A lot of fragments are in the air! Bye, bye!
  21. UK F-35B down

    And now the british, americans and russians are trying to locate the wrack of the plane. If the russians get it first the whole technology of F-35 would be compromized.
  22. Rattlesnake hunting. (Test of a new designed SAM site for Socotra terrain WIP.) Engaging First drop missed the target Second attack run. Bullseye!! Retreat. And the fellows also hit the target. Return to base!
  23. Since the roof of the tank is only 39 mm thick and a plane is shooting from above ... surely not. But it may change the result of tank ground battles.
  24. If you take a look into the armour values, so you will find, that TK use only the nominal thickness of an armour and not the penetration distance to calculate wheter a bullit will punch through or not. The penetration distance depends on the angle of bullit impact. TK also neglects the fact that armor plates are angled in the frontal area. Example: The front plate of a T-55 is 100 mm thick. So it is in reality and in game. But the armour plate is angled by 60°. This value doubles the way which a bullit must go to penetrate the frontal armour of a T-55. So it would be "more correct" to increase the frontal armour value in the T-55_data.ini from 100 to 200 mm. And this must be done for all tanks. You must measure which angle the armour plate has and then you must calculate which penetration distance the bullit must overcome. This value you must use in the data.ini for the tank.

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