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  1. F-15CJ take off from Nakashibetsu airfield (Kuril islands terrain version 2.0 WIP)
  2. Great plane. Thanks for the marvelouse job!
  3. Has someone the FW-187 Falke as WIP? Much faster and much more agile than the Bf-110 it could have been the game changer in the Battle of Britain. Some planes were built. (Less than 10) A fistfull was used in Norway and the Luftwaffe crews preferred the Falke to the Bf-110. Göring was not amused, he preferred the Messerschmitt and ordered to phase out the Falke. The planes were then used in a "private" squadron of the Focke-Wulf company to defend the Focke-Wulf plant.
  4. I love the Falke. Its a real game changer for Battle of Britain.
  5. Shortly i found an old manual from my military time. There we had a little "game" there, called "Flugzeugerkennung NATO", (airplane recon NATO). In the manual were displayed the shapes of planes from various angles, performed as shadows. We had to realize which plane was on the picture and we had to say, which type, wheter friend or foe. For me it was fun, others hated it. Lets play it again. Please tell me, what it is: Which type, which version?
  6. Focke-Wulf Fw 187 Falke

    Its a very nice plane. Good job!!!
  7. Falke is hunting successfully.
  8. It difficult to see, wheter it is a Atlas Cheetah D, a Dassault Mirage 5 CODM, or a Kfir TC-2. The small antenna under the double seater cockpit indicates Kfir TC-2 or Cheetah D. Because i cant see an air refuel tube i guess it is the Kfir TC-2.
  9. The last one is made by me for the updated Kuril Islands terrain. This terrain is work in progress. I hope that i can finish it this year.
  10. New book, written by me.

    It's released now. Written in german language about the combat airplanes of the East German Air Force, by a man, who served out his time there.
  11. Nice. It is the widely used version BTR-60PB. The basic version BTR-60P had had no turret. Here a part of an east german military movie, which shows BTR-60PB in normal military use. Its from 1976, the soundtrack is typical 70th annoyingly.
  12. It will be an eye candy!
  13. New book, written by me.

    I'm glad, that you enjoyed my "Tyko". The book "Kampfflugzeuge der NVA" is more detailed. You will find some new, up today tot published photos in it. For example the interception of a helicopter by a MiG-29. Such trainings were standard for east german fighter pilots from begin of MiG-21 use, till the end in 1989. You will also find a lot of informations about the development of the single types of fighter and fighterbomber planes. Hope you enjoy my book too.
  14. Could you give us a BTR-82A, please? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTR-80#/media/File:Interpolitex_2011_(402-41).jpg
  15. Yes, so it is. Its the X-31, very nice bird. Its a pity, that it never entered the troop service. Simple, easy, high agile and resonabled priced, it could have been perfect for Air Forces of smaller countries, like Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Danmark and, and, and.
  16. Neues Buch von mir: Kampfhubschrauber weltweit

    Das Buch ist erschienen. Ich habe heute die Belegexemplare erhalten.
  17. Einer der Gründe warum ich mich in der letzten Zeit gelegentlich etwas rar gemacht habe:
  18. An now the final shadow recon question: Which plane is this:
  19. The correct answer was L-39 Albatros. In this case L-39ZO.
  20. Mirage 4000A over the Shetlands (WIP terrain)

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