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  1. Right now I'm thinking about which project to start next. I have 4 in mind. 1) Poland 2) Borderwar between China and Vietnam in 1979 3) version of Battle of Britain terrain for the 1960th or 70th 4) Diego Garcia Poland is an area with a lot of possible scenarios. World War 2 in 1939 and 1945, a possible Warsaw Pact invasion in 1981, a modern Suwalki Gap scenario, or a hypotetical what if the former german province Ostpreussen would have become the homestate of the jews: Israel in Central Europe. China and Vietnam Borderwar is an interesting scenario, because both sides have similar planes and weapons, so that only the skill of the player decides of an outcome of an air battle. I like the idea very much. "Modern" Battle of Britain terrain has two major possible scenarios. One: The Soviets have taken control over France and UK is in the same situation as 1940, but with other enemy. Two: A conflict between the European Community and UK, a scenario with its own flair, because blue vs blue and to be honest true friends the Brits and the French never were. Diego Garcia. Its an other naval map with one base on an island and carrier operations.
  2. Frenchies and Tommies, a true love story.
  3. Somewhere in Romania. German EuFi are covering the south eastern border of NATO. The small do-it-yourself shelters are funny.
  4. Picture by Bundesluftwaffe/Bundeswehr
  5. It are MiG-21bis subversion SAU. Funny fact, the vietnamese pilots prefered the captured F-5E Tiger. It was easier to handle than a MiG-21. An other funny fact. If you watch carefully you see, that the pilots are of taller stature than the ground crews. The reason is, that vietnamese food was mostly vegetarian. Soviet flight instructors found out, that the physis of the vietnamese pilots was not strong enough to withstand the high g-forces of a modern combat plane like a MiG-21. They got black out between 6 and 7g, while european pilots were able to withstand 9g. The solution was to bring young teenager into the Soviet Union and feed them with european food, mostly beef and pork. When the vietnamese teenager became of age they were taller and stronger than their comrades in the homeland, which were feed mostly vegetarian. So they were able to fly a MiG-21 up to the limits. With this in mind: Vegetarian diet is malnutrition.
  6. One of the mysteries of SF2: I have a limited nations list [LimitedNationList] FriendlyNation001=RAF FriendlyNation002=RoyalNavy EnemyNation001=FRANCE EnemyNation002=WGermany EnemyNation003=BELGIUM EnemyNation004=NETHERLANDS EnemyNation005=DENMARK So i expect to see british, french, west german, belgian, dutch and danish planes. And what i found: Egyptians! Funny!!!
  7. The answer is simple: No. It's made for a Vietnam vs China scenario.
  8. Is this picture real or a fake?

    It's a F-16 seen from gun camera of a MiG-21. It is said, that it is from 1982 Lebanon War. I'm not sure, wheter real or fake.
  9. Aerodrom Landivisiau, a big naval aviation base.
  10. Super Sunday

    F-100 Super Sabre, french Armee de l'Air
  11. The L-39V was not a training plane. It was a target towing plane (Schleppflugzeug für Luftziele). There was no seat in the second cockpit. It was removed for the tow rope drum(spool?) (Schleppseiltrommel). Under the plane was a fairing to let out the tow rope. I add some pictures. You see the yellow was mor a kind of orange. Then your skin is missing the quality mark Here the towed target. Its made by all metall. the tow rope was up to 200 meters long. Today the plane is at Luftwaffenmuseum Gatow. You see the fairing under the fuselage. And finaly the L-39V had had no pylons under the wing. It was not able to carry weapons.
  12. Is this picture real or a fake?

    To compare it with a real gun camera picture: It's a F-4 recon bird, intercepted over the Baltic Sea by east german MiG-21.
  13. Is this picture real or a fake?

    I asked in an other forum and got the answer from there, that the photo was taken in Poland during a dogfight training between polish MiG-21 and F-16. It is more believable than the story of Lebanon War.
  14. Gen4 + Wednesday

    T-7A Red Hawk over MMFD (miles and miles of f.cking desert)
  15. In 1976 the RAF needed a heavy intercepter to defend the UK against modern soviet long range bombers. The idea was born to use Vulcan bombers as basic for such an interceptor. The Vulcan F.1 would have been armed with 12 AIM-54A Phoenix missiles (8 internal, 4 external). Later the idea was canceled in favor for the fighter version of the Tornado.
  16. Le Bourget Aerodrom. Basic shape made after a landing chart by US DoD of 1954. Since then the shape of the airport has changed a lot. Hangars and other buildings are still missing, parked aircrafts too. Will come tomorrow.
  17. Green Leader, Rhodesian Air Force, Westlands Farm Attack

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