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  1. Mi-24 book written by me

    In November 2016 my book "Mi-24" was released by the german publishing house MOTORBUCHVERLAG. And so it looks. 207 pages full of informations and photos. (Weight 1.050 gram, for our american friends more than 2 pounds.) Written in german language. Some guys asked me here in the forum, whether there would be an english edition. And here it comes: published by Schiffer Publishing in January 2020 Price 39,99$ Includes: the history of Mi-24 development, from the first steps of the "flying Infantry fighting Vehicle" concept, over the Mi-24 prototypes to all Mi-24 versions (21 at least). A walkaround and detailed description of the Mi-24. The armament, including short development history of guns and missiles used by Mi-24s. The Mi-24 tactics developed for the war in Central Europe (written after east german Mi-24 combat drill manuals) The soviet tactics in Afganistan and the fight against the Stinger. A short comparision between Mi-24 and american attack helicopters of the timeframe (AH-1, AH-56, Sikorsky S-67 Blackhawk, AH-64A) The Mi-24 in worldwide use with focus of Germany, but of american use of Mi-24 too. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. All values in SF2 world are metric. All speeds are given in meters per second. The climb speed in the flight model has nothing to do with real values. It is set approx 10 - 20 % below cruise speed. If you would use real life values the AI would not be able to handle the plane.
  3. Spitfire Mk.I over dispersal area of RAF Exeter
  4. RAF Exeter, the most western british airfield in terrain.
  5. In summer 1940 the Battle of France was fought. British, belgian, dutch and french troops were defeated by the "Sichelschnitt", a surprising move invented by General von Manstein. In his book "Verlorene Siege" wrote v.Manstein, that his Divison got the order as part of the 9th Armee to take part in the invasion of England in an area between Bexhill and Eastbourn, Beachy Head. Close to Hastings, the last battlefield where a invasion of the islands was succesfully. Manstein wrote, that the german leadership had, after the surprisingly fast victory over France, had no plan how to continuing the war. So it came to a delay till the decision was made to try the "Operation Seelöwe" and as preludium the Air Battle of Britain. Manstein said, that if the decison to engage England would have made one or two weeks after the victory over France, german landing forces would have landed on Englands beaches around August 15th 1940. Mansteins idea to fight England was a surprise attack with no previous Air Battle. All should end in a major Battle, The Luftwaffe, Heer and Kriegsmarine should attack at the same time. For Manstein the british ground forces were the minor problem. They lost nearly all heavy weapons in Dunekirk, so that the Royal Army would have been no real danger. Dangerous could become the Air Force and the Royal Navy. But Manstein wrote, that the Royal Navy would come to late to prevent the landing of the first german wave. The Royal Navy would try to stop the second and all other landing waves. At this time it would be the job of the Luftwaffe to sink the british ships and the job of the Royal Air Force to protect the british ships. In the last weeks i have started to rework the tileset of my very old Battle of Britain terrain and soon i will start to rebuild the target areas, so that we have the chance to fight a "Operation Seelöwe" style battle in SF2. Here some screenshots while WIP. New farmtiles, but still old airfield tile. New airfield tile. A mixture between old and new coast tiles. View from high altitutes. Test of a London tile. Buckingam palace is not yet on correct place.
  6. If you want to make them shooting with silver bullits, then yes. If you want a little bit reality lower the values. The values means % hit rate.
  7. Target for today: RAF Filton near Bristol. FW-187 Falke over Bristol Channel near Cardiff Task: Escort six Ju-88 which attack RAF Filton. Its only a diversion attack, to lure RAF fighters away from main strike. The plan was working. A Hawker Hurricane squadron took off and tried to attack the bombers. Our fighters engaged them and shot them down. Here: kill one! An other Hurricane is doomed. The result of the attack: The airfield was missed, but the bombs hit the Bristol Aircraft Company factory. The home of the Blenheim bombers is a ruin now. Heading home after sucessfull mission. No bomber lost. No fighter lost. 8 Hurricanes shot down. Well done everybody! The last few meters, then we had dry feets and a daywork was done.
  8. You need gunners and guns. For gunners look in the files of the Tu-16 as example. You find there this lines: [DorsalGunner] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=3 GunnerID=1 PilotModelName= SetCockpitPosition=FALSE ShowPilot=FALSE Position= 0.0,12.06,1.14 MinExtentPosition=-0.25,11.58,-0.01 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,12.59, 1.20 PitchModelNodeName=FwdTurretBase YawModelNodeName=FwdTurret GunRange=2000 GunnerFireChance=75 GunnerFireTime=0.8 GunnerAimOffset=0.050 GunnerAimAccuracy=60 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=60 MinPitch=10 DefaultPitchAngle=15 YawLimited=FALSE YawAngleRate=45 DefaultYawAngle=180 [VentralGunner] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=4 GunnerID=2 PilotModelName= SetCockpitPosition=FALSE ShowPilot=FALSE Position= 0.0,-14.38,0.82 MinExtentPosition=-0.25,-14.86,-0.33 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,-13.85, 0.88 PitchModelNodeName=AftTurretBase YawModelNodeName=AftTurret GunRange=2000 GunnerFireChance=75 GunnerFireTime=0.8 GunnerAimOffset=0.050 GunnerAimAccuracy=60 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=2 MinPitch=-60 DefaultPitchAngle=0 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=45 MaxYaw=275 MinYaw=85 DefaultYawAngle=180 [TailGunner] SystemType=GUNNER_STATION SeatID=5 GunnerID=3 PilotModelName= SetCockpitPosition=FALSE ShowPilot=FALSE Position= 0.0,-15.56,1.32 MinExtentPosition=-0.25,-16.04, 0.17 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,-15.03, 1.39 PitchModelNodeName=TailBarrels YawModelNodeName=TailGunTurret GunRange=2000 GunnerFireChance=80 GunnerFireTime=1.0 GunnerAimOffset=0.050 GunnerAimAccuracy=90 PitchAngleRate=45 MaxPitch=50 MinPitch=-30 DefaultPitchAngle=25 YawLimited=TRUE YawAngleRate=45 MaxYaw=250 MinYaw=110 DefaultYawAngle=180 Then you need guns. Here the lines from Tu-16 [DorsalGun1] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=23MM_AM23 GunnerID=1 MuzzlePosition=-0.07,10.20,1.17 MaxAmmo=500 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=-0.45, 8.61, 0.38 MaxExtentPosition= 0.45, 9.56, 1.34 [DorsalGun2] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=23MM_AM23 GunnerID=1 MuzzlePosition= 0.07,10.20,1.17 MaxAmmo=500 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=-0.45, 8.61, 0.38 MaxExtentPosition= 0.45, 9.56, 1.34 [VentralGun1] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=23MM_AM23 GunnerID=2 MuzzlePosition=-0.07,-7.00,-1.09 MaxAmmo=700 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=-0.45,-8.60,-1.21 MaxExtentPosition= 0.45,-7.65,-0.25 [VentralGun2] SystemType=FLEXIBLE_GUN GunTypeName=23MM_AM23 GunnerID=2 MuzzlePosition= 0.07,-7.00,-1.09 MaxAmmo=700 TracerLoading=5 BurstAmount=10 MinExtentPosition=-0.45,-8.60,-1.21 MaxExtentPosition= 0.45,-7.65,-0.25
  9. A 99kt warhead. 10 times more than the Hiroshima bomb. Its a little bit overrated. Doesnt it?
  10. What is this plane?

    Maybe a mockup of the Republic TFX here NASA windtunnel models of this bird:
  11. RAF Filton. Spitfire Mk.I are waiting for next mission.
  12. Light Flak is overrated, especially the machine guns. They are dangerous. Medium and heavy Flak is underrated. It happens very seldom, that they hit anything. But when they it, then it hurts.
  13. The 4 door cab was only for the Fireengine, as far i remember correctly. So it looked: There was also a red version in military use. Was funny during an exercise drill, when our helicopter operated from a dispersal airfield somewhere in the bush. All was perfectly camoflaged, nothing was to seen from flying helicopter. Only a bright red fire engine stand in the mid of nowhere. A distinguishing feature between military and civil W50 was the round command hatch for the co-driver. Big tires are not a sure distinguishing feature. This had had W50 for agricultural use too.
  14. Cool would be this: Strela 2M on Robur Truck
  15. Airfield of the Bristol Aircraft Company, home of the Beaufighter and the Blenheim bomber, also known as RAF Filton.
  16. Cool an east german W50. But this is the civil version, which was not used by military.
  17. Indexed does it mean RLE Encoded?
  18. To be honest, it seems to be not possible to make a correct watermap. The bmp which SF2NA is using has a little bit different format than the usual bmp.
  19. I reworked RAF Colerne, because i got better air footage from WW2. I removed some barrack buildings which were built in the 1950th and added two hangars, some shelters and made the airfield bigger.
  20. If the map is set Navalmap=True, the game engine select naval targets (ships) if you fly a strike mission. Ground targets were ignored. Only if no naval targets are available the game engine decides to take ground targets as targets in strike missions.
  21. NAVAL_SEARCH is a mission type made for long range recon birds like the Tu-95R. The plane is simulating a recon mission and is doing nothing than flying around.
  22. RAF Colerne, a base near Bristol.

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