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  1. Kormoran missile has an own radar for target search.
  2. 1982. What if UK would have sent the Royal Navy not toward the Falklands, but to the Rio de la Plata Bay. RAF Harriers in action. RAF 1 Squadron Harriers ready to take off. Found an hit the 25 de Mayo. 25 de Mayo burning and sinking. Heading home. And touch down.
  3. I played a little bit with the argentinian carrier 25 de Mayo and found a strange little problem when i tried to make the guns working. With Yaw entry in the data.ini the gun moves perfectly as it should in circle. But with Pitch entry the gun does not move up an d down, but is rotating along the gun axis. I have marked the movement of the gun at the screenshot. The gun is rotating left and right, but not up and down. I think there are two axis in the ship model wrong Has someone an idea how to fix it? Is there a command to move the gun in the third axis? Or can it be only fixed by moding the LOD file?
  4. If you can wait a little bit. I'm planing to release the "Argentinian Fleet" in near future. But first i must ask the makers of the 25 de Mayo, wheter they allow me to use this carrier in my mod.
  5. Okay. Its a pity. Its a nice ship. I got the guns firing. Who cares wheter the guns showing in the correct direction if the guns are firing in the correct direction.
  6. Humpday Heavies

    An-26T nickname "Anna"
  7. Is someone interessted in a terrain for the "operation Albion"? This was the largest sea landing operation of the german imperial fleet to conquer the islands Ösel and Dagö from the russians in october 1917. Here two links in german http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unternehmen_Albion in english http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Albion
  8. Back to South Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula terrain. SitRep. I'm playing with tiles for the big mining area of Kriwoi Rog. The result is not so as i wish, but it are the first steps to finish this area on the map. So it looks in game: This are two test tiles, with no blending to other tiles. The upper tile needs a completly rework. I have scaled it wrong. Normaly it should cover an area of 4 x 4 kilometers. The lower tile is nearly correct in size 2x2 kilometers. What a pit! What a mine! If Kolya wants to destroy the nature, then he does it in big scales.
  9. Right now I'm thinking about which project to start next. I have 4 in mind. 1) Poland 2) Borderwar between China and Vietnam in 1979 3) version of Battle of Britain terrain for the 1960th or 70th 4) Diego Garcia Poland is an area with a lot of possible scenarios. World War 2 in 1939 and 1945, a possible Warsaw Pact invasion in 1981, a modern Suwalki Gap scenario, or a hypotetical what if the former german province Ostpreussen would have become the homestate of the jews: Israel in Central Europe. China and Vietnam Borderwar is an interesting scenario, because both sides have similar planes and weapons, so that only the skill of the player decides of an outcome of an air battle. I like the idea very much. "Modern" Battle of Britain terrain has two major possible scenarios. One: The Soviets have taken control over France and UK is in the same situation as 1940, but with other enemy. Two: A conflict between the European Community and UK, a scenario with its own flair, because blue vs blue and to be honest true friends the Brits and the French never were. Diego Garcia. Its an other naval map with one base on an island and carrier operations.
  10. I have my problems with the YAP file pirates. They have to often stolen files and sold them as their own work.
  11. Version 0.0.40


    Donbass Beta 0.40 ***************************************************** Southern Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula Terrain THIS IS STILL A BETA VERSION!!!! ============================ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This terrain is written for SF2E. It works well with SF2NA. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I. Short description: The south and the east of the Ukraine are battlegrounds in mid 2022. At the moment nobody knows how the war will end. This terrain covers the most parts of the Ukraine and some parts of the Russian Federation. But only the southern war theater and the crimean peninsula are included in this terrain so far. Airfields and some other target areas are placed on the map. Further improvements will come. I made the airfields in their shape as realistic as possible. Only 3 airfields are more or less freestyle. At the moment the terrain is made for scenarios around the Crimean peninsula. Offensive operations are more focused for the ukrainian side. In ukrainian strike missions you can fly against airfields, factories, depots, Sewastopol harbour and support facilities and a dense SAM network. For the russian side you can only fly against enemy airfields. At the moment possible mission types are: Sweep, CAP, Escort, Intercept, Recon, Strike and SEAD missions. The terrain is set as NavalMap=FALSE, but it is prepared for NavalMap=TRUE. If you use SF2NA as basic game you may change the setting, so that carrier vs carrier operations will be possible. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ II. INSTALLATION: To run this terrain you need SF2NorthAtlantic or SF2 Israel or SF2 Europe. Unzip all files into your saved game folder ...ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2XXXX Thats it. If you have SF2Europe installed you must do nothing more. If you miss SF2E and have SF2Israel you must open file Donbass.ini with Notepad editor and look for the lines: //CatFile=..\IsraelME\IsraelME.cat CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat change the entry into: CatFile=..\IsraelME\IsraelME.cat //CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat save the file ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ III. Credits. Tileset is basing on Jan Tumas tiles for First Eagles Shelter1 circular aircraft shelter taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue EWalls 500,100 and 50 m taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue SunShelter170m taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue D_Bunker taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue ControlTower.LOD made by RussoUK SA-6L i added Ukraine in the Userlist.ini StraightFlush i added Ukraine in the Userlist.ini SA-5 + SquarePair made by FastCargo, taken from SF2_SAMs_Pack, radar modded by me GK-P-14 Tall King Radar, made by GKABS GK-D-30Russia D-30 howitzer made by GKABS ShelterZuRoad made by AmokFloo Base_C.lod round parking area taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue Base_H.lod small parking area taken from AirfieldDevKit_v1.1, made by Pureblue ZIL-157 Sam Trailer made by ???, taken from SF2_SAMs_Pack, Factories made by Geezer T-72A i added tactical numbers and gave it a Fla-MG BTR-80A taken from eburgers PanzerPack for SF2 Plattenbau_4_Geschosse Made by Wingwiner as BlokW704P, i converted it from bmp to jpg Plattenbau_11_Geschosse Made by Wingwiner as BlokW7010p, i converted it from bmp to jpg Nitka_Ramp Made by Yakarow NitkaRezystorKompleks Made by Yakarow I hope i have not forgotten someone. . ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IV. This Terrain is Freeware. Commercial use is not allowed. And i say it again for the YAP, YankeeAirPirates file thiefs, the usage of this terrain and/or parts of the terrain for commercial use is not allowed!!!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ V. For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM. Hope you enjoy it. Michael (Gepard) Made in Germany 29. Oktober 2022
  12. For the Argentine Navy we had only the carrier and the General Belgrano cruiser. Thatswhy i modified the stock Gearing class destroyers to make it working as argetine ship. The same i made with the Sumner class, of which the argentinians had 3 vessels.
  13. The names of that terrain are temporary placeholders, so far. The brazilian base which i called Candas, is at the wrong place. Candas is outside of the terrain. But i cant move the terrain not further to the east, because Buenos Aires would come to close to the "invicible wall" of the terrain in the west. There would be two ways to solve the problem. Either to make a new, bigger terrain with a size of 1.500x1.500 km instead 1.000x1.000 km. Or second, to realize, that the brazilian bases are much to far away from Argentina. Thatswhy temporary airfields would be the solution. At Google Earth i found some places in Brazil with smaller airfields. Some with concrete runway, others with sand runway. But for an ingenieur corps it is not a problem to build a temporary airfield. Thatswhy we have the runways2 and 3 in SF2 world. This are temporary airfields. Close to the place, where i have placed Candas, i have found a small dirt runway at Arrio Grande. Thatswhy i have reamed Dandas AFB to Arrio Grande Aeródromo de campo. I hope Google translater gave me the correct spanish term for the german word "Feldflugplatz".
  14. The poster reads: Stop the war!
  15. Swambast sent me his Kachowka High Dam for Southern Ukraine, Crimean Peninsula terrain. It looks really great! It will be included in the next Beta.
  16. An other small project of me is a What if scenario. 1982, Argentina conquered the Falklands. The british PM Thatcher sent out the Royal Navy, but not to reconquere the islands, but to strike Buenos Aires, the argentinian capital. Core of this scenario is the Rio de la Plata Bay, with the argentinian carrier battle group defending Buenos Aires and a british battle group in the role of the attacker. Here the planning map: And here a Super Etendard taking of from Tandil Airbase.
  17. Perfectly timed shot!

    A Seagull that farted.
  18. I dont write Hoth, because i dont want to have troubles with Disney. I think, a Star Wars mod for SF2 would be a nice thing. Of course we can not have space battles, because the game engine cant handle it well, but a CAS or Strike scenario at the Iceplanet "Hoss" could be possible. Just for fun i started to made a 600 x 600 km all snow terrain with high mountains and flat areas and a fistfull bases. Some for the Rebell Alliance and some for the Imperial Forces. Since i have a Tie-Fighter on my harddrive, i want to have a X-Wing or Y-Wing as opponent. It would be nice if one of our modders could bring them to life. As long there are no X-Wings i use chinese MiG's as opponent. Screenshots: Attack on a Rebell Base was intercepted by Rebell forces, but the Imperial Tie-Fighters fought their way trough the defence.
  19. Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk, US Air Force
  20. I develop the terrain with SF2E and test it with SF2NA. In SF2E the Krivak is not included and does not appear in game. And with my SF2NA i have no problems with friendly fire, neither with Blue, nor with Red side.
  21. I was unable to dublicate your problem on my computer. I flew circles around the ship with american and ukrainian planes and the ship was not firing at me or my wingman. The ship is a stock KrivakII. If you want to delete it go to [targetarea086] and replace the entry KrivakII with Patrolboat.

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