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Damaged Player Aircraft...

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I'm sure everyone has experienced this, and I think I saw somebody mention it in passing elsewhere perhaps, but I haven't seen this issue explored much, if at all. I believe I noticed it a while back, but it has become more apparent of late, perhaps just due to random events leading me to post...


Many times my a/c has been shot up, not bad enough to crash (portions of wing shot off for example...), but subsequent encounters with other AI (not the enemy who did the original damage btw) seem to ignore me. I can literally fly around them, fly in formation with 2-seaters, and not have the AI change direction or shoot at me at all.


Conversely, I have come across single AI a/c that are similarly shot up and just "wandering about", and have ordered my AI wingmates to attack (Tab 1) and they ignore the enemy a/c even if basically right on top of them.


Is this well known? Fixable?

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in the section of the components ( e.g. fuselage, nese ect) theres this entry :



this is what gives the AI the info about "status" of the planes. It can also be set to "Disabled" ... and depending on what component is damged its possible that planes still flx but arent recognized as destroyed.


The opposite can happen too, I've had a Tu-16 bomber which was destroyed and dived down but was still recognized as "live" by the AI which dived after it, still shooting at it ....

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Yes, thank you, I now remember that being discussed a few weeks/months ago. My memory is a sieve due to lack of sleep I suppose :blush:

But surely there are repercussions to the damage model as you say.


Has anyone experimented with changing the destroyed>to>disabled outcomes of various parts???

Perhaps only a few elements can be altered to lessen negative outcomes such as having the AI following only a fuselage down... Where is the line????

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