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POL Coastal Defenses AAR Part 1

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This is an AAR for one of the missions in my LMR Ground Attack Pack. These missions are for use with the LockOn Mission Randomizer.


The situation is tense, the enemy has moved in mobile SAM and Smerch units along the coast. They're denying access to the harbors due south of Kirovskoye. Ticonderoga cruisers have been dispatched to the area to help suppress the enemy along the coast.




The Tico's go to battle stations as enemy Smerch units open fire upon them. The unguided rockets aren't very accurate but they fire in large salvos. There's a very real possibility that the Ticos could be damaged. Luckily, the defensive manuevers by the ships spoil the aim of the shore batteries.








The Ticos phased array radars pick up enemy aircraft inbound. Fast movers.






F-14 on station head to intercept the bandits.




The cruisers use their first line of defense against airborne threats, the RIM-66. It's the standard medium range radar guided anti-aircraft missile. With their phased array radars they can target dozens of enemy at once. The Ticos fire multiple missiles at the incoming bandits.








Su17 ground attack aircraft are inbound. If they're carrying anti-shipping missiles they didn't get close enough to launch, they jettison their payloads and go defensive. They don't have much of a chance.






Upon first glance it seems that this RIM-66 will be wasted.




Bandit number one had a wingman, who doesn't have much more time to stay airborne.






All of this has happened in the brief period of time that myself and my wingman Beagle were in briefing and suiting up for our mission. Our mission is to hit two ammo bunkers situated in a walled compound that contains a mosque. We've been instructed to avoid destroying the mosque if at all possible. We'll be carrying Mk-84's for the ammo dumps. I hope our aim is good....................Beagle and I preflight our a/c and roll out of the revets. We are cleared to taxi to runway three zero.








Two F-16's fly over our airbase. It's comforting to see that we'll have more air support in the target area. Hopefully we won't have to loiter for long.





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