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Su-7BM Fitter-C 1024x-1024 skin templates

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Su-7BM Fitter-C 1024x-1024 skin templates

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Su-7BM Fitter-C 1024x Skin template:


These are new templates, based off and resized from the original little itty bity skins as originally issued by 3rd Wire. I call these "semi-HiRez, as they are only resized to 1024x1024...to me HiRez is anything OVER 2048!!


This set is designed to allow you to create new skins, either natural metal or camoflague types. I have NOT plotted out the overlaps for camos, but this can easily be done in you imaging program (Photoshop, Gimp, PSP, etc) by enlarging the camo skin bmps, and adding them as another layer. Repainting should be relatively easy after that.


I've redrawn, as best I can, all the panel, rivet lines, inspection plates, etc. Some of the rivet placement is a 'best guess', as the original size of the bmp was ONLY 256x256, and are badly blurred.


The base skin color is a 10-15% gray.


Please read the enclose readme for more notes of general interest!


Happy Skinning!!



kevin stein


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