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Hans Udet Jasta 37 D.Va "5876 Woody"

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Hans Udet Jasta 37 D.Va "5876 Woody"



This skin, depicts the camo and markings on a Albatros D.Va with a wood finish fuselage flown by Lt Hans Udet, of Jasta 37. Udet flew many aircraft, and this appears to be one of at least three D.Va types he used at Jasta 37. I relied most heavily on superb computer renderings by Mark Miller, as well as other information generally relevant to the aircraft


Of course, I began this project with the general release skins provided by TK and Third Wire. The result you see is entirely my own, and my time machine is no longer operational. This is an interpretation, a well-grounded interpretation, but certainly a mix of accuracy and flaws.


Have fun with it. I’d appreciate any comments, especially with links to source material. Although I included a serial number, the tail markings on the images available to me are not clear. Hence the “D. 5876/17” is speculative. Nevertheless, the number is in correct form, and yes, that is why the individual numbers do not accurately line up. This is consistent with the form of the numbers on the reconstructed D.Va in the Smithsonian. If you have more information regarding the SN, please pass it along. The Albatros rudder logo is correct, despite the fact that it does not appear in the Mark Miller rendering.


Just drop the folder in your AlbatrosD5a folder and select Hans Udet Woody in the loadout screen. There is another J 37 Hans Udet D.Va skin, depicting the black fuselage aircraft that was released shortly before this version. A third silver version may be released later.


There is no need to edit the AlbD5a ini.


Please no distribution or republication of any part of these files. There is a lot of unique detail that took a lot a time to research, compile and work into the skin. For that reason, these parts are not available for further use.


sinbad © 2007


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