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A few questions for the geeks...

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Seen some nice BYO deals on MSI MoBo's thrugh pcclub. I was thinking about a P4 2.4 ghz mobo w/ 800mhz fsb, 8x agp, and 2.0 usb. The board uses DDR-400 ram. The mobo is upgradeable to 3.0+ ghz cpu's later on. This means I can get into a P4 machine now, at 2.4 ghz, and buy the faster cpu later when they come down in price and the cpu might actually be needed by the later software.


My first question, does that 2.4 ghz cpu support hyper threading? Is hyper threading really nessassary now?


2.) Does the 2.4 ghz cpu fully utilize the 800 mhz fsb?


3.) Will this system fully utilize the DDR-400? Is that ram suitable or the appropriate ram, for this system?


I ask these questions because I have read a number of articles about dealers selling machines that are not really optimized to run as best as they could, using the wrong ram or an FSB they dont support, etc.


PS. I was told that geek isnt such a negative thing these days, so hence the title... 8)

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PC most of these really"great"deals are low end MBs with very few pci slots and systems that don't make full use of the fsb or use the ram to it's full potential.take a long hard look at the board and such and go to www.Tomshardware.com to check the items out.take a look at www.pricewatch.com and if you want to build a system do a seach for a barebones system(be sure to type in what processor you want).Good luck

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