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WOE/WOV Merged Install

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I searched the Knowledge Base, but I couldn't find an answer to a couple of questions concerning a merged WOE/WOV install.


If I decide to merge the existing WOV install into the WOE one, does WOV keep the same capabilities...carrier ops and the like...as it does as a stand alone install? Also, if I merge WOV, can I then uninstall it or does WOE borrow files from it and it has to remain? Concerning third party planes made for WOV, like the Mirage Factory's Tomcat....are they compatible in the merged install?


I've got SFP1, WOV and WOE, but I figure the latter two give me just about everything I need/want from the series besides the open time line...which I can edit if I want.


Many thanks for any assistance in this endeavour... :good:

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The WOV install is completely unharmed by this process...


But there are some consequences for the WOE install.

Random single player missions choose aircraft from the available pool based on the year selected without regard for terrain or nationality.

This means that you might see Vietnam planesets flying over Europe and vice versa.

Besides seeing incorrect aircraft over the selected terrain, the markings favor the WOE install, i.e. you will see Soviet markings while engaging MiGs/Sus over Vietnam.


The good news is that you can always play the unmerged WOV to get appropriate random single player missions.


If you are primarily flying campaigns or playing online multiplayer, the merged install is the way to go (everyone must have the same merged install setup to play online) with more of everything to choose from without having to switch installs: more terrain, more planes, more campaigns all built into a single install without having to do any mods.

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Thanks for the info, folks....I decided to merge it instead of having two seperate installs. I figured that would be the best of both worlds.


Haven't found out of the merge replaces WOV or not, so I'm going to try something by deleting the WOV install. I fly mostly campaigns and online...if/when my flying mates get up to speed on WOV/WOE...so having everything in one install seemed the logical thing to do. I had a lot of fun with WOV when it first came out, and it seems like there's been some goodies added to the series with subsequent patches, so I figured I'd give it another try.


Gonna go find me some mid/late 80's campaigns to try and see if there's something in the Knowledge Base about adding a carrier to the stock WOE late campaign. Gotta have my Tomcat fix... :biggrin:

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