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Smoke Emitter Colors

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Hey all, just picked up WOE and added the NatoFighters 1/2 addon, thinking it would only add aircraft. Unfortunately, it appears to have made the smoke from my flares BLACK, which is... well it's ugly. And completetly unrealistic. So I've gone through to find the flare smoke emitter (LumFlareEffect.ini, right?) in the ini's (again, I'm just learning this, or trying to pick it up on my own), and have found this:











I assume that's what I need to change the flare smoke color... But what are these values? I don't understand the color-code system.


Thanks. :dntknw:





One addition... I've got the Column5 F/A-18A, and I figured out how to install a carrier object and then add it to a mission file... everything works just great, but I can't see over the nose of the hornet on approach! :rofl: Is this just a model issue, or am I missing out on some WOE feature that allows me to raise my viewpoint?


I'm patterning at about 200kts, then dropping to 150-ish on final ( I was shooting for 130 as that's what I've heard the real hornet lands at). I have the spoilers extended, and flaps lowered (when I can remember which joystick button I prof'ed it to.) and in all other a ways dirty/high AOA configuration.

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On my previous question (regarding the hornet)... I can get a successful trap 9 times out of 10, but I'm flying the approach at over 200 kts. Ugly, but it works. Is that normal for this particular FM?






Back to business:

And another question to add to my entirely ignored topic...



I've been trying to set up multiplayer with a friend, again, this is WoE. We tried connecting once, via Internet. My firewall was disabled at the time, and I believe he has the DirectPlay ports opened... what could be wrong? I heard once that installs must be exactly the same. Is that true? I have Hamachi if that will solve any problems. Essentially, I need to know if this is a game settings issue, or a computer settings issue, and is this common/easily fixable?



Thanks for your help in advance.

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ParticleColor[01].Value=0.600000,0.600000,0.700000,0.400000---- here set color by 0,000000 for 1,000000. when you set red 1,000000 - green 1,000000 -blue 0,000000 you have yellow




sorry my english is bad

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The color code system is a simple primary color system based on red,green, and blue. Somewhere on the internet is a converter that allows you to input colors/values and get a useable result. You could also check the weaponsdata.ini to see what the color codes are for the stock colored rckts.


The F-18 view is what it is. I suppose you could do some ini editing and assign a new view command that allows you to sit up higher in the seat, but the standard foward view is...well...standard. You could always toggle off the cockpit animation in order to get a complete view.


AFAIK, in order to play multiplayer you must be using the same install. Somewhere on CA I think there is a tutrial about multiplay, you may want to check this knowledge base article:



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Thank you all. Especially helpful link there, HrntFixer.


I was able to connect through Hamachi today, it was very simple, we had different installs but no problems. Not very smooth in close form, however, there was a fair bit of jitter. Very disappointing considering my virtual demonstration team was considering a switch to WOE. Just can't have any jitter at all, really.

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