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  1. AI seems a little too limited for that. They get antsy flying under 2000 feet!
  2. Cite sources, or this means nothing. I currently don't trust you.
  3. Academy! I live right across "the I," I can see it from here. I'm applying, chances aren't the best, but that's what everyone faces, I guess. No doubt I'll be part of the 80 ish percent that are rejected. Trying for ROTC too, there's so many possibilities for me right now, not all military.
  4. Cool, i'll try it. I've got WOE only... and I'll need to do a separate clean install...
  5. "See what I see?" What are you, Flight Instructor or Bone pilot??
  6. Beauuuuutyyyy.... I see a smurf! Are you sure that's not too many polys...? Looks a tiny bit inefficient. Beautiful though. Can't wait to see some skins.
  7. Why the HECK won't helos work in WOE?
  8. If you want any information on the Falklands conflict in general, let me know, Rover Mirage. I have some decent reference material.
  9. I was thinking more in-game... that's a bummer...
  10. Woops, sorry, I meant to type 7... Why is it always the numbers that I miss!? Chuck Norris, however, launches the Gammon from his shoulder.... :yes:
  11. Is it possible to uncage a sidewinder in WOE?
  12. No puedo esperar! It should work in all versions, right? That's how the series functions, cross-compatability.
  13. Had. I'll go look. It's very much comparable to the F-16, in fact, almost identical.

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