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F-89J (Late) Scorpion

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F-89J (Late) Scorpion

F-89J (Late) Scropion For SF/WoV/WoE:


This package is a modification of MontyCZ's F-89C into the late-model J (those without wing-tip rocket pods)

It is a semi-complete package, including everything needed, -excepting the aircraft LOD files. They are NOT included, as I consider it 'wrong' to do so, without permission from the original author. (and it's against CA policy to do so)


Included are all the needed inis necessary to create the new aircraft. 2 skin folders are included, complete with decals, representing the 178th FIS, NDANG 'The Happy Hooligans', and a generic USAF natural metal.


All the skin bmps have been repainted, using new templates created by me, based off Volkjager's original skins. I've duplicated his original work, so all credit goes to him for skin creation...I've basically just redone them to make use of the new panel, rivet lines and new decals created by me for the serial and buzz numbers.


Included also is a brand new Hangar screen for the Late J, only available with this mod. Damage tgas are here as well.


== You MUST have the latest weapons pak installed to make use of the needed missiles ==


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for full, detail install instructions!!!


Happy Hunting, you Hooligans!!!


Kevin Stein


(I know, I'm reusing the same screenie, but I just don't get tired of looking at it!! :wink: )


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