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Replacement FE Install File from Third Wire

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Yesterday, as I was again cleaning up my hard drive, I noticed I could no longer find my First Eagles install file - the original one. After repeated searches I concluded that it must have been deleted in a bleary eyed moment of compulsive cleaning.


Normally I would just go to my backups, but I had just recycled my on site backup yesterday afternoon, and my off site on line backup ran the night before. That meant the backups contained what the hard drive contained. Yes there are dvds in storage, but it is a real bother to drive over and dig them out.


Then I went to the Third Wire site, thinking there might be a way to access the file there. Sure enough the FAQ said you can enter the DL code sent when you bought the program and we will send it again. It took about a minute to recall the e-mail message with the code and the DL ran overnight.


All this regarding an order which I placed in November of 2006.


No problem!


DVDs and CD's can be damaged or lost, but this is a sure thing.


My thanks to TK and Third Wire for a very user friendly policy.



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Thats pretty good service - though I always backup any files to DVD/CD straight away - there no gurantee that the online business in question will be there in a few years time :)

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