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  1. If you have a recent NVIDIA GTX10XX or RTX20XX card then driver 417.71 will allow it to work with the much cheaper AMD Freesync monitors and do Adaptive Sync. DisplayPort only for now I think. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4764 https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4765 https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4766 https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4767 https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4768 https://www.pcworld.com/article/3333637/components-graphics/nvidia-driver-freesync-monitor-support-geforce-graphics-cards.html It’s the start of a new era. On Tuesday, Nvidia fulfilled its CES promises by releasing GeForce driver 417.71, which lets GeForce graphics cards tap into the Adaptive Sync capabilities of AMD FreeSync monitors for buttery-smooth, tearing-free gaming. Previously, GeForce GPUs could only synchronize their refresh rates with Nvidia’s own G-Sync displays, which tend to cost much more than FreeSync displays. You can snag the driver in the GeForce Experience app or on the GeForce website.
  2. Today we are taking a trip back to 2004, a time when as you can see from the photo above featured PC CDROMs! Before Internet speeds for most were high enough to consider sending entire game files they had to distribute games to people using good old fashioned Compact Disks. The shiny CD came complete with its own (Jewel) case with cover and even a printed manual. As you can see a time when even Thirdwire had to distribute games and make them look like games used to - the manual even tells me to go to http://www.softwarehelpdesk.co.uk/ for technical support…………..ha looks like that domain is up for sale! Looking at the back we can see it even ran on Windows ME with 256MB of RAM! - Yes, I had to look back to remember what Win ME was – the very last of the Win 9x line before Microsoft thankfully ditched that and we got Win 2000 then Win XP. Of course, in 2004 or nearly all of that decade Win XP was the only game in town for home users and it was great for its time. For anybody who had bought Strike Fighters: Project 1, a Vietnam game was a logical and most welcome step forward….a game that recreates the intense air combat experience in the skies of North Vietnam at the height of the air campaign……………..what could be better! The manual lists the Player and AI aircraft, and although the VPAF selection looks fairly complete, the US selection was very limited compared to the later Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam. This was a time when there was hope for the future and many opportunities to modify the hell out of the game and start getting into place the absolute ton of things not included in the box. Terrain & Environment As you might see (from the case) the Terrain that came with WOV wasn’t much better than what comes with one of Thirdwires Phone & Tablet PC games – a pretty poor and unrealistic looking barren wasteland. Unsurprisingly it was not long before modders produced somewhat better tilesets - one of the first I remember and although free was used by Yankee Air Pirate later: The RA-5 Vigilante - does not come with WOV There was a payware tileset for sale at Razbams store at some point – but suffered from having obvious borders and tile edges – also 512 x 512 bitmap files were pretty big at the time but very low res by today’s standards. This later effort includes a version of Starys Green Hell which included a lot more trees for the first time: Vietnam was hell - Green hell! When released WOV also had no clouds either but they were added in a later patch: Low level clouds, gone but not forgotten Game play The North Vietnam Air Force (VPAF) and air defences were quite well set up as part of the terrain, with relevant SAM and AAA models for the era along with relevant AI. The MiGs varied in effectiveness from patch to patch whereas some of the SA-2s had a Kill probability of about 99% - this was rightly toned down somewhat in Strike Fighters 2 (SF2). WOV included an airbourne FAC (Forward Air Controller) role and this was usually represented by an 0-1E Birddog flying over the battlefield (Callsign Snoopy) – this was removed from SF2. The game added Carrier operations for the first time although the carrier was pretty lonely by itself most of the time, and players could only fly off it in campaigns and scripted single missions! The B-52s thought they were safe from Thirdwires lesser spotted MiG-17F Payware There were some options for payware – mostly from Razbam and Yankee Air Pirate – both had air of controversy that I won’t go into here. One of the very few payware aircraft was the A-1 skyraider pack Before the Mission Editor arrived in SF2 you had to create single missions using Notepad basically, quite a time consuming and difficult process. Yankee Air Pirate basically created single missions based on real missions from Vietnam and was quite an important addition for anyone with an interest in that subject. Populated carrier deck Landing and taking off in Hueys from smaller boats like this Shooting down Colts in Hueys Shooting the side gun in Hueys - Get some!. Of course, with scripted missions you can do quite a few things you cannot in auto generated single missions and campaigns! Advance clone army! The VPAF, masters of camouflage Looking back Wings Over Vietnam certainly started out as a fairly serious attempt to put together a decent standalone Vietnam war Air Combat simulator and in that respects, did a pretty decent job, but only if you took time to add a lot of the mods available and change the game yourself. Graphically it was using DX9.0c so was up to date in that regards although again you had to add mods to get it looking to what it should have perhaps been out of the box. F-111A - not included with WOV EB-66 - not included with WOV …………and Here we are at the tail end of 2017 and still no real alternative to WOV and SF2V on the Vietnam War flight sim front.
  3. Last week we discussed the many aircraft projects that will be under development in 2019. Today, let’s look at some of the non-aircraft projects. As mentioned last week, we cannot promise that all of these will be released in 2019, but they will all be under focused development. Ships Although we released a greatly improved and free Nimitz-class aircraft carrier at the time of the Hornet release, we are also working on a separate Nimitz-class aircraft carrier module. This product will have an incredible level of detail and include such features as a detailed and operable LSO and Air Boss stations, detailed modeling of the hangar, animated deck crew, briefing room, and control of the carrier. Once this project is complete, the team will finish up the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and then return to and release the updated Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier. Combined Arms No combat environment is complete without a good solid ground game, and we continue to improve on and add to your abilities to control ground forces either from a commander position or behind the controls of a single unit. As with 2018, we will continue to address issues and look at new features to improve Combined Arms, based on your feedback, throughout 2019. We will continue to add new content in the form of new units both to the core sim and the WWII Asset Pack, as well as exciting new missions and campaigns. We are currently at work on new CA-related effects like main gun fire, dust trail, localized damage, and smoke grenades, while also working on improved ground unit AI like line-of-sight issues, pathing, and more intuitive control. Radio Communications The biggest radio communications task are the aircraft carrier communications that includes CASE I, CASE II, and CASE III for departure, marshal, approach, and the Landing Signal Officer (LSO). Once this massive task is complete, we will move on to an overhaul of the airbase radio communications. New Maps With 2018 we saw the release of the DCS: Persian Gulf Map. For 2019 we and our partners are working on two new World War II maps, a Syria map, a Falkland Islands map, and a new free map that we’ll discuss later in the year. In parallel, we will be finishing up the Persian Gulf map with the addition of Liwa Airbase and Ras Al Khaimah airport; Al Ain Air War College; ruins near Shiraz, Kerman, and Bam; and fix remaining bugs. Once complete, it will be the largest DCS World map as measured from airfield to airfield. Dynamic Campaign While a hangar of great aircraft is certainly a wonderful thing, having an engaging, exciting, and dynamic combat environment is equally important. We have been developing the inner-workings of a dynamic campaign system which will continue into 2019. Based on the strategic goals and tactical situations, the systems will create dynamic Air Tasking Orders (ATO) that players then join to help their side to victory. This work is non-trivial, but we believe the addition of this system should be exciting for DCS users. DCS World Multiplayer In the closing weeks of 2018, we made the Dedicated Server software available to a handful of trusted 3rd party online servers. Based on their feedback, we have been tuning and expanding the software to best suit customer needs. One aspect of the Dedicated Server we are also exploring is the availability of free maps to Dedicated Server hosts. In addition to this new Server software, the team has also been at work developing an integrated Voice Over IP (VOIP) system for DCS World which is based on the growing Web RTC standard. The first phase will allow users to use and create “rooms” and the second phase would integrate the VOIP into in-cockpit radio controls. As mentioned in last week’s newsletter about Modern Air Combat (MAC), we also plan to include leader boards, rankings, and other online statistics for DCS World online players. DCS World Foundation In parallel to all the above, the team continues to work on the foundation items of DCS World like air and ground artificial intelligence, performance optimization, more detailed damage models for all unit types, Vulkan implementation, improved VR optimization and improved Touch Controller support, aircraft wake turbulence. DCS World Steam Edition to DCS World e-Shop Transfer You can now transfer modules purchased on Steam to your DCS World e-Shop installation. Note that this only applies to Steam DLC that uses Steam protection, not StarForce keys. All DCS World DLCs released on Steam from 12th May 2017 can be transferred. Here are some modules released on Steam after 12-May-2017: DCS: M-2000C DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX DCS: AJS-37 Viggen DCS: Normandy map DCS: WW2 Assets pack DCS: Su-33 for DCS World DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL DCS: F/A-18C Hornet DCS: Persian Gulf map Please see this link for complete directions Given that Steam no longer accepts our 3rd party license keys, binding of keys purchased on the E- Shop cannot be transferred to the DCS World Steam Edition. Hornet Missions of the Week In our quest to bring more and more great, new content to the Hornet, we are now providing a Hornet Mission of the Week! The first two missions can be found here: River Run Strike Fighter These missions will also be integrated into the Hornet Instant Action list of missions. Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team
  4. 1. Related to another app on there 2. The update screwed Windows The game does work on the latest Win 10 version 1809 and latest NVIDIA drivers - that is what I am running. This really is an option with Win 10 - similar to doing an Update - re-installs windows but keeps files etc (if you tell it too). Settings-> Update and Security -> Recovery ->Reset this PC. Backup to be on the safe side but should go through fine.
  5. You say the icon stays on the windows taskbar - do you get any options if you right click on it? Does Windows button + Up cursor do anything (or right/left)
  6. So StrikeFighters2 Europe.exe / Israel / Vietnam etc all do exactly the same thing? In the NVIDIA profile did you set anything like prefer max performance and vertical Sync to on? Also in settings - is everything in Game Bar and captures off as well?
  7. Do you have any other exes in the main game folder? Where is the game installed?
  8. Try in order: In Windows Settings disable all the Game mode features if you have not done so Security software (AV and Malware) - can you switch off any sandboxes or Anti Virus bits on a temp basis Do you have anything like Samsung magician running in the background? Profile is NVIDIA Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings Tab -> Press Add and select game if not done already
  9. Any error messages? What happens if you delete options.ini and versions.ini from saved games and run the game again? Do you have an NVIDIA profile setup? Don't suppose you know if the combo worked before applying any patches.
  10. Previous system to this was an i5 4670K & GTX-780. All my games are on an SSD - it is mostly game loading time that gets reduced not improved FPS etc. Games do often access the disk during play so it can reduce some holdups (stutter) in some games but depends and is system specific. Most likely your HDD is fine assuming it is SATA 3. CPU/RAM/GPU/VRAM/FPS/FrameTime are generally primary concerns when a game is running over Disk access.
  11. Seems to run OK - there are a few changes that might need to be made. I can see for example I am running it in Win 7 Compatibility Mode...others might not be using this at all can vary. I made some comments on Win 10 here with a link to a privacy tool. My system is very custom and very expensive (CPU also overclocked and water cooled) and is self built. Would suggest looking at prebuilds they might also be cheaper. Unless you have any other games that need SLI then would think 1 card is enough. A must for any new system is Solid States disks (SSDs) What resolution do you run your monitors at because I only run currently at Full HD (1080p) single so any higher usually needs more resource. You say you have 1070s? ..........SF was pretty okay with high settings on a single GTX 780 albeit with an i5 running 4.4Ghz on all cores. Are the 1070s proper gaming cards with multiple fans or HP proprietary?
  12. Unknown Maverick models

    AGM-65E2 and AGM-65L look to be the latest variants of the LMAV. https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/raytheon-restarts-production-of-laser-maverick-missiles-05397/
  13. Assume this is your CPU https://ark.intel.com/products/64595/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2670-20M-Cache-2-60-GHz-8-00-GT-s-Intel-QPI- SF/DCS/BMS all based on old code it seems from years back despite many changes. They all do multicore and hyperthreading to a degree but don't really seem to utilise it anywhere near fully.......thus only 1 core with high utilisation in the tests . Therefore for combat flight sims a CPU with a higher clock speed is currently better than more cores in general. Probably 16GB RAM for SF2...but if intending to do DCS multiplayer then 32GB
  14. A Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to you all!
  15. Winter 50% Off Sale. Last Few Days! DCS World 2018 and Beyond Epic video Lasting until just January 7th at 0600 GMT, save 50% on most DCS World modules! This applies to aircraft, maps, and campaigns. The only exceptions include: DCS: F/A-18C Hornet at 25% off DCS: Persian Gulf Map at 25% off UH-1H Argo Campaign at 20% off DCS: SA342 Gazelle at 15% off Note: the sale only applies to released products. Get these deals in DCS e-shop Take advantage of these great savings while they last! Pre-Order DCS: Christen Eagle II! It is our pleasure to announce that DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC is now available for pre-order on the DCS e-Shop for $23.99. A release of a feature-complete module is scheduled for January 23rd, 2019. Launch Trailer Purchase from DCS e-shop The Christen Eagle II touches on many aspects not previously explored in DCS World. It aims to capture the unique experience of flying an aerobatic biplane capable of maneuvers previously not possible. The Christen Eagle II is an-easy-to fly airframe with a constant-speed propeller, and it includes inverted fuel and oil systems that allow the pilot to concentrate on the flight maneuvers. The Christen Eagle II offers something to every virtual pilot, regardless if they are a veteran or a newcomer, combat pilot or an aerobatic artist! DCS: Christen Eagle II features: Highly-detailed and fully functional dual cockpit Highly-detailed external model with fully animated control surfaces and other systems State-of-the-art internal and external textures Exhaustive set of external liveries Advanced flight model based on technical documentation and real Christen Eagle II pilot experiences Complete aircraft system and subsystem modeling, which includes the Lycoming AEIO-360 engine, electrical, fuel and flight control systems Fully functional KY-197 Radio Authentic sound sets (canopy, cockpit items, engine) A couple of instant missions and tutorials to get you started Cooperative multiplayer – fly with a friend in the same aircraft, either as an instructor, student or a passenger Complete aircraft flight manual Modern Air Combat (MAC) Update Since the announcement of MAC, we have been listening to customer feedback and we have been busy expanding the product to maximize your enjoyment. In addition to the 14 aircraft and four maps, we’ve been engaged with the following features that will bring the product to the next level flight game entertainment: A redesigned Mission Generator that allows you to easily create exciting missions based on a selected mission type. This will provide a much more focused and fun gameplay experience that is designed around action and fun An entirely new interface. MAC will feature a very modern, intuitive and beautiful interface that will feel at home in 2018! Taking advantage of the new Dedicated Server system, MAC will allow you to earn accomplishments and points that you can then use to purchase DCS World products. The new system has a detailed point-earning system that is also tied to leader boards and record scores Enhanced assists to help new players will come with MAC like auto-trim, navigation and target marker locations, and unified control inputs All of this will result in a much better product, but it has extended our development time. We look forward to bringing you MAC in the 2019! DCS: BAE Hawk Update We regret to inform you that VEAO is no longer a developer for DCS World. As such, they have also ceased support of their Hawk. Although we offered to support their product, they declined making the files available to do so. Given this unfortunate situation, we will fully refund all Hawk customers that purchased the module starting from 1 October 2018. If you wish a full refund, please enter a support request here. For those that purchased the Hawk prior to 1 October 2018, will continue to make DCS World 2.5.3 available, such that you can still fly the Hawk. To avoid such issues in the future, all future 3rd party agreements are now required to make the game files available in case they are no longer able to support their product. DCS World Updates Due to the holidays and our staff taking some much-needed time off, our next DCS World update will be 16 January 2019. Happy New Year! The Eagle Dynamics Team
  16. Ran another campaign mission with same settings above to see a bit more what is happening. Very high aircraft and defence objects over N Vietnam but perhaps not as intense as mission 1 Average VRAM usage = 3.6GB <- this is dedicated video card RAM Logical CPU cores - only 7 and 10 seems to be doing much overall Average cpu7 = 70-80% usage Average cpu10 =13% usage Average RAM = 7.5GB Average fps = solid 60fps Average Frametime = 16.8ms with some spikes to 28ms although remained fairly smooth Quick compare with DCS Spitfire over Las Vegas city area over high settings and letting things settle down Average GPU use = 39% Average VRAM usage = 4.9GB <- this is dedicated video card RAM Logical CPU cores - only 12 and 10 seems to be doing much overall Average cpu12 = 38% usage Average cpu10 =15% usage Average RAM = 11.9GB Average fps = solid 60fps Average Frametime = 16.7ms with no spiking but does not feel as smooth
  17. SF2V Heavily modded (July 2013) Linebacker II Campaign mission over N Vietnam Average GPU usage very low (14% with rare spikes to 38%) Average VRAM usage 4GB Average RAM use 6.3GB Average CPU usage and power very low (18%) FPS solid at 60fps but a few drops when tried to come home at 16x time acceleration even though the system burned through it far better than previous setups.
  18. How many cores of the Xeon does the game use? what is that 3.2Ghz max clock speed? Is this on the stock game? any particular scenario that can be run fairly easily?
  19. The last update mentioned it was being worked on still for the Hornet. The 3rd party Viggen has some kind of AG radar implementation I understand but I don't have that so not sure. Thinking that any F-16 will be released in a pre-alpha Early Access state thus might advise waiting a few years. Could get it just to review it but not really that keen - at least other modules have new things to learn - like the F-4E <cough>.
  20. What is the highest res the game gives you? Have you tried manually changing Options.ini ? - and what happens? [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=2560 DisplayHeight=1080 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=2.370370
  21. Hi Dave - hope you are well er Resolution or aspect ratio of the monitor? shirley this must be text editable somewhere am thinking
  22. Bit the big one!

    Hasn't really affected me as much. Pro does have a lot more flexibility and access to GP. You can use O & O Shutup 10 for privacy and updates https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10 - Enterprise/Home /Pro are essentially the same OS really :) Good bit of kit and free but use at own risk - do not recommend stopping updates personally you can also roll back still if you need to without this.
  23. Bit the big one!

    Well that's the real trick isn't it! So looking at the link CPU i7 8700 is very good....don't think you can do that much better currently. Only get the K version if overclocking. The i7 8086K I have is essentially a good 8700 but I wanted a guaranteed 5Ghz on all 6 cores. OS Win 10 Home nothing to be scared of - you can still do a lot of things like you did in Win 7 the control panel is still there but you do need to use the new Settings app which is like settings on a tablet/phone etc - so nothing difficult just getting used to where things are. Technically a different and far superior OS to Win 7 - yes as said above some great benefits like being able to essentially rebuild without losing files and Apps - you will notice major updates pretty much do this - similar to phones / tablets etc. Win 10 Pro - any point going with that ? not seeing why you would. You can defer updates but you still cant stop them completely - unless you set to metered (but you can do that in home and its fairly pointless IMO). You lose some control although not to the level of Phone/tablet OS. Privacy and control is a big issue for some - not as bad as corporate owned Linux (Android etc) but it is the way the world has gone - there are more things you can do in Windows but I don't bother. Solid State Disk Drive The most important thing is having Windows on an SSD and ideally the games as well - so the default 128GB SSD I cant see as being viable - would suggest a 512GB NVMe SSD minimum for some future proofing. Even the SATA 3 SSDs are still ridiculously fast and far superior to SATA 3 HDDs. You will notice in my sig I have totally ditched the old mechanical drives. RAM 16GB minimum currently would hopefully be enough GFX Card a GTX 1070 might cover all your current games at 1080p or lower but cant say about any future games. Assuming that must be in a PCI 3.0 express slot then going to an RTX card later should still be viable if a new space game used the new tech like DLSS and is likely to be VR as well!! DCS It can be costly...........looking at my purchase history DCS has cost about $760 in software so far (you dont need to spend anywhere near that) and if you were doing a system primarily for DCS and liked high settings I would say 32GB RAM and a GTX1080ti or RTX2080ti minimum to cover Multiplayer. If you do 4K or VR then it appears you currently still have to lower settings even with a 2080Ti.
  24. Bit the big one!

    What are the specs you are looking at? Are you only looking to play those older games and nothing like DCS?

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