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problem taking off from Mount Pleasant - Falklands

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This is in the Malvinas/Falklands by Major Lee. At the Mount Pleasant Airfield. Using WOE for it with the Desert Terrain copied over from sfp.


With most of the planes the front landing gear seems to sink into the runway, and an unseen force holds the planes back, making it impossible to move forward. This is especially effective with the heavy planes, C-130H, Camberra, cant move an inch, the plane swirves from left to right.. With smaller jets take off is possible (eg. Tornado) but still the front gear sinks and you bounce while rolling.. No problems at Cape Dolphin AB or in the air.


I understand in real life this airfield was very short, and I remember something about a SMALL, MEDIUM, etc. length definitions in some INI but cant seem to find anything related. This airfield uses Desert_airfield4.ini, right now checking in there and malvinas.ini's..


Has anybody dealed w/ something similar? Thanks.

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Guest Saganuay82

Is the field set to SMALL? If it is then you won't get those in the air. Game Limitation. Easy way is to change the setting on the runway.

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I've been searching for the reference to "small" airfield. Where do you define that?



The desert_airfield4.ini extracted from desert.cat has:











AFAIK from the topics I searched the desert_airfield3 is SMALL w/ 1200m length, this is 3000m.

No mention of "small", either in Malvinas or Desert folders. :blink:

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Also, to find the 'size' of the airfield, look in the types ini...


Runway 3 (the dirt strip) is SMALL


Runway 1, 2, 5 and 6 are MEDIUM


Runway 4 is LARGE


Personally, Runway 3 get's way overstocked in a lot of the terrains...where it speaks of "NumSquadrons=", should be no more than "1". I've seen some set to 3; that's too many aircraft for that small of a field.


Also, need to be checking the various aircraft themselves, many a set to "MinBaseSize=SMALL", which is fine for a Fresco or Skyhawk. Bombers should ONLY be used on LARGE; MEDIUM if it's a small, attack bomber (B-26 and maybe B-57 size birds).



kevin stein

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