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This is a bomb!

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After Sarkozy....its time to Chavez Take the Super models!

Newspapers speculated supposed romance between Chavez and Naomi Campbell

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, would be living has two months a romance with the English model Naomi Campbell, as "El Universal" published the local periodical;. Journalist Nelson Bocaranda affirmed in its column that Chávez "está very gotten passionate by the brown girl of the jet set internacional".07304156.jpg

over the heading "Futuro Black & White", the note also affirms that it does not have to surprise that "o leader Venezuelan if marries top, that recently interviewed it for the magazine "GQ" of England, when Hugo if disclosed emocionado". Naomi Campbell was in Caracas in the 2007 end, when it was received by Chávez in the Presidential Palace of Miraflores for a meeting, of which both had made public commentaries. "O president is not one gorila, is plus a bull. It stows talking with it some hours in an apartment in the beach loaned for a friend, If it held well comigo" very;, it indicated Naomi to the press at the time. Chávez, in turn, affirmed in a public act so that "não was badly interpretados" for the meeting. "Ela interviewed me during three hours for a magazine in which it trabalha", the president explained. In the interview, Chávez he asked for top model that músculos" "tocasse its;, when it revealed its preference for strong men. Later, the model attended in the first line a public act of the president in a theater of the capital, when they had not lacked presidential commentaries on the force of the women, folloied of looks for the model. It has some months, the Venezuelan press said with insistence of a loving relation of Chávez with the model and Venezuelan actress Ruddy Rodríguez and of an imminent marriage, categoricamente contradicted for the two.

Source: Folha online


Its my time to catch some Super models out there! :rofl:



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