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  1. Holy Frak!

    Happy Birthday Dave!!! Sorry for the delay but it was one of those weekends... Hope you partied like no tomorrow - if you're over the hill then you should be up to speed!
  2. You can't make this kind of s**t up

    LMFAO Indeed!!!
  3. "Wing Commander Saga:The Darkest Dawn" Released!

    I've never played the Wing Commander Series and I've only tried demos of the X-wing series (to my deep regret) but I've played the crap out of the Freespace games and I'm still in awe as to how this genre has been ignored... Don't the new kids know what it is to fly a sci-fi starfighter (not the F-104!!!) with a joystick anymore?? I wonder about these games where you "fly" with a "mouse"... Since CCP is integrating Dust 514 with EVE in real time, someone ought to suggest them making a game where you could pilot the drones from the carriers, Freespace-style, in pretty much the same way as the Dust 514 guys end up doing their EVE overlords' biddings - imagine such a game, where squadrons prove their mettle in huge battles, weaving between the cap ships, where you could practically not decide whether to say "Look at the size of that thing!" or "There's too many of them!!!" - and most likely churn out both lines... Ahhhh... if only... as the german saying goes, "Dreams are foams" - but I wouldn't mind this one becoming true!!!
  4. RED BULL F1 1st laps at Austin TX US GP track

    Beautiful ad!
  5. Riiight...

    I'm sure "Ivan" ain't stupid or dumb, I bet these will be "export versions"... or not?
  6. US Navy Fires Off Its New Weaponized Railgun

    The US Navy should never have decomissioned the Virginia-class CGN's... they could have rebuilt their decks and interiors to fit these new weapons and they'd have the power to spare... At least the Russians still have the Kirov...
  7. Off Subject

    Not only that, but also the fact that the gas stations where I could refuel are pretty scarce and, at least in my country, LPG-cars are forbidden to park in underground garages and garage houses because they're considered bombs on wheels...
  8. M$ Flight released

    So ummm... it's free? And MP works? Hmmmm... guess I'll have to decide wether to try it out or to wait for Combat Flight... Pretty scarce info on the website though - does the fancy video show off all available planes or are there more? Edit - Never mind... guess there's only the ICON A5... I wonder about customizability though - and if said customizability would be visible by others...
  9. Off Subject

    I saw a video recently portraying a new finding of natural gas, one of the, if not the biggest, in the world - in Texas. And as a result many vehicles are being converted to use natural gas as fuel instead... sounds like a good idea to me... I mean, prices are like half... a pity though the fuel station infra-structure will have to be built to cater to the ever-increasing demand... here there is already much use of liquid propane gas to fuel vehicles, although I must admit I've never seen an LPG-Gas-Station yet...
  10. Unmanned A-10's

    IMHO there's only one problem with the A-10 - it's no longer in production!!! It's perfectly good the way it is, the production should be kept up! Nothing else the USAF fields or is planning to field can replace it... Pilots are safe in it and their ability to churn out 30-milimeter hurtin' where it's needed is economical and effective!
  11. Off Subject

    That is only at the low-cost fuel stations tied to the supermarkets, whose fuel is rumored to be of lesser quality... I'm guessing you took the 95-octane values for gas, Von Paulus? Brand-fuel like BP is more expensive than that...
  12. The importance of a clean machine (internally!)

    Some useful tips for keeping the PC cleaner: - DO NOT have your PC stand on ground level. Don't put it under the desk, put it ON TOP. - Get a case which has removable filters for the fans - I've chosen mine, amongst other things, because of that - Thermaltake's Level 10 GT Snow Edition- has many removable filters which you just have to remove and clean and insert back in - excellent at keeping the dust out! If you can't buy one with filters, see if you can retrofit them, even if removing them gives you more of a hassle (probably via screws or something).
  13. ArmA 2 or 3?

    Thanks for the replies guys! JediMaster, OFP also came with default tractors - but Oyman was the first to turn them into something useful - he gave them weapons and armor! His tractors are full of win! Guess I'll give ArmA 2 CO a shot - as soon as my budget allows for it... Not a good moment atm...

    LOL @ Silverbolt... Then again, one thing is sure... I would never get a car from a brand called K.I.A....
  15. ArmA 2 or 3?

    Now that I have a new rig, I was wondering if it was worth getting ArmA 2 or rather worth waiting for ArmA 3? My rig ain't bad - i7 980 (6-core), 12gb RAM and an XFX HD 6870 2GB... Now I'm an old fan of OFP, and I was greatly disappointed by ArmA 1 to the point that I rarely played it, kept on trucking on OFP... Knowing how power-hungry the series is, I was wondering if it was worth getting the ArmA 2 Combined Operations or rather I should wait for ArmA 3? I haven't tried out the free ArmA 2, but I've read that ArmA 2 now has support for multi-core CPU's for even more than 4, so that would finally take advantage of my rig at the fullest... I'll probably choose ArmA 2 Combined Operations since I know how buggy normally BIS have their products at their release, and alot has already been done in terms of addons for ArmA 2... Speaking of which, are Oyman's tractors already available in ArmA 2? Many thanks in advance for your input!

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