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  1. F-35 canceled for marines and USAF?

    This is funnier. http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/02/f35-delays-sentience/ Warlord & Imperator class Titans won't be far away!! http://www.duffelblog.com/2012/10/department-of-defense-unveils-t-700-highly-advanced-death-robot/ Whose to wager that someone in Iran is actually moronic enough to take some of this shit seriously.
  2. Just put really big mines under them.
  3. How much is a ticket? Also I want to see it land like that with full reverse thrust.
  4. Future of Aircraft Carriers

    I agree completely, but will Carriers be the premier Warships in the future?
  5. Saw this article today. http://www.businessinsider.com.au/us-aircraft-carriers-may-be-moved-from-middle-east-2015-6 Curious if anyone else is off the opinion that railguns and point defence lasers based on Warships will shift the balance of naval power back to Battleships/Cruisers? Ultimately currenct stealth aircraft technolgy is going to be defeated/rendered less effective as a method of avoiding radar detection at longer and longer ranges. Not to mention this from Lockheed Martin. http://www.lockheedmartin.com.au/us/products/compact-fusion.html If it was from anyone else I would say bullshit. But effectively we will have aircraft with unlimited ranges, apparently they are expecting a truck sized unit to power a town, so it won't be hard to hook one up to a jet engine, should this happen I have no doubt we will see hypersonic aircraft. Fusion reactors may also allow super cavitating submarines/underwater aircraft as well. Regardless of what happens the next 20 years are going to very interesting!!
  6. New T-14 tank breaks down on Red Square

    This is better. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/9577239.Police_give_speed_camera_warning/?action=complain&cid=10170087 What's a "Sindwinder" though?
  7. Mad Max: Fury Road

    Haven't seen it, but disappointed Tina Turner is not in it.
  8. I'd love to see how J-7Gs would preform with the same avionics as the lancer.
  9. Resurrected my WH 40K

    ISIS is a Chaos Cult, Burn the heretic.
  10. 109 car!

    Do the guns work?
  11. We need to created a coalition of Sunni arab nations to launch a ground war of isis in Iraq & then Syria once Iraq is secured. This will assure Sunni's that we are not at war with them and help prevent Shiite miltia's from persecuting Sunni's. Also I reckon so called "Special Interrogation Techniques" teniques should be replaced by pulling out their beard hairs one by one with a pair of tweezers, I tried this on my own facial hair as I have to practically shave twice a day and I was sick of it, worst pain I have ever experienced, they are bloody almost half an inch long inside your skin.
  12. NBC on Jordan's air strikes

    Forget Napalm, we should be using non-persistent chemical weapons, they are not lawful combantants, the rules of war do not apply. Likewise there is no restriction on using expanding bullets againts them.
  13. SA-2/S-75 in Tank Muesum

    Not sure what the truck is I'm going back again as they have some more stuff coming, I will have a look when I am back. I have some pics of other tanks I will post when I have time.
  14. I have not been here for ages, but recently a tank muesum opened in my Town which I would like to share with the community here. I've attached some photos sorry about the distortion is some of them I had the wrong lens on my camera on the day. http://ausarmour.com/exhibits/ It was awesome to see a T-72 in the flesh so to speak. I had a former client who was a Vietnam vet who was a gunner in a Centurion who served in the 1st Armoured Regiment I used to think he was pulling my leg when he talked about driving through jungle terrain. Most of the time they used canister rounds which where comprised of 1cm edged steel cubes instead of shot to increase the canister spread. I didn't appreciate how big these tanks where until seeing one in person, some of the stories he told me of near misses of RPGs made me realise the guts these men had. Despite this he was a normal bloke who had time for anyone. Anyway the highlight was seeing an SA-2 on truck carriage, I am unsure whether it would be lauched from this or it was purely a transporter, but the missile was huge, far larger then I had imagined, what I really found incrediable was that it was largely made from what looked like sheet metal. Hope everyone enjoys the pics!!
  15. This is a bomb!

    Noami Campbell is an ugly old hag that also happens to be crackerf*** mad. Her and Chavez are the perfect couple.

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