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Hope you enjoy the J-7s made by me!




The J-7G/E/II/H/JJ is made by insky fallout3(this account 101tfs is a public account in insky forum,I just use it sometimes)

And copyright is keeped by fallout3 from insky forum.

Use,Modify and make Skins for this plane freely,and remind me that before do that.And don`t use it for commercial use or any use against China and the PLA and the Communist Party and so on.

If you upload the J-7s to other forums and so on,please claim that it is orginally made by fallout3 from insky forum.


And you can write your suggestions below!(forum message is ok)


Hope you enjoy the J-7s made by me!


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I downloaded the J-7E and added it into my WOI aircraft folder. But I found there is no hanger and loadout pics, neithercockpit view in game. And regarding the weapons, it seems it could only load some Russian missiles and worst of all, the missile did not show up in gameplay!!!It could be fired but I could not see it!!I have upgraded to Mirage Factory Weapons Pack for WOI May 2008.


Are there any PL missiles for WOI?

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It's a partial pak, with no real instructions (ie: the "readme" file that no one reads, or even writes at times). Unfortunately, you have to figure out a lot of the stuff yourself. Since it's been a while, and I've tweeked the living daylights out of the stock one to get it straightened out, I don't remember if it came with a cockpit. If not, you'll need one of the Mig-21 pits available here in the downloads section.

There should be several dozen posts about it, I know I posted a lot of fixes for it. Do a search for the "J-7E", and see what comes up.


As to your weapons issues, have you looked in the Knowledge Base?

There's 2 whole many-pages-long threads on specific aircraft loadout fixes (and lots of other tweeks as well). One is for the Bunyap Weapons Pak, and the other for The Mirage Factory Pak. The TMF pak has ONLY the stock weapons, and those needed for their own aircraft. You'll need to add anything else yourself, usually from the BunyPak.


I'd reccomend spending the next few days in the Knowledge Base, studying up on what you'll need to be doing. Also, remember that there are TWO weapons editors - one is for First Eagles and WOI -ONLY, the other works with SF/WoV/WoE. Make double damn sure you're using the correct one, or you'll wipe out your weaponsdata ini.


BTW, the TMF pak does NOT have the PLAAF weapons; you'll only find them in the Bunyap Pak. To answer the question, NO there are NO PLAAF weapons in WoI.



kevin stein

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