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Hi folks

1-My F4 allied force is crashing non-stop since I tried to install patch 1.0.13, and now I can not start the gamae anymore. I uninstalled and re-installed 20 times already with no luck.Can anyone tell me what is happening?

2-If i ever get this thing to work again, how would i be able to increase the reasolution of the game, (in the setup , the highest available rez is 1280x980) !!



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Have you been into your Program Files and deleted the folder the game creates on install?You have to do this even after a uninstall using a program like Add or Remove Programs,because it still leaves a game folder intact after the uninstall, and that folder could contain your problem.As for the increase in rez ,if a mod has not been created or if higher rez isn't included in the patch,you may be stuck with 1280x980. Increasing rez in a game usually requires alot of game file editing that can be quite challenging if your not sure how to do it.

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This is what Lead Pursuit used to recommend:




If anyone is having issues uninstalling Allied Force, please try the following:


Go to this page http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;290301


Halfway down is the download link to grab the Installer Cleanup Utility package.


Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and select "Run". This will install the package.


Go to C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up and double click "msicuu.exe"


In the list of programs that appear in the new window, choose (All Users) Falcon 4.0: Allied Force .... and at the bottom hit "remove".


This should allow you to reinstall AF correctly.



As for screen resolution setting issues - there are probably quite a few old threads on the subject at Frugals if you cant find anything here.

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thanx guyz,

I removed the Lead persuit folder and re-installed and it worked fine.

As for the rez, the 1.0.13 patch seems to have high enoug rez ,however, whenever I'm in 2D cockpit I end up with 1.5 inch black border on each side and the viewable portion of the screen is diminshed,maybe its the aspect ratio that I picked !!

Anybody had a similar pbm ??!

Please advise

once again ,thanx for the help guyz.

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