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Godwin Brumowski Alb D.IIIOAW Variants

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After the Hanroit HD-1 Belgian and Italian planes were released I began thinking about doing skins for opposing aircraft. The obvious choice, the top scoring Austrian ace Godwin Brumowski, at first seemed a relatively easy project -- a red Alb D.IIIOAW with skull logos.


Well that was over a month ago.


I soon learned that Brumowski not only had several red Albs, each with different Death Head logos; he also was an innovator for camouflage schemes. The special camo patterns were applied by hand over the red paint for at least two of his planes.

Brumowski also flew an Alb with natural plywood finish and a custom green and yellow camo pattern. All these schemes proved especially challenging to research and reproduce. There are relatively few photos and those that exist raise almost as many questions as they answer.


Well the project is nearly done. One of the most fascinating things I learned was that Brumowski, who had 35 confirmed kills and another 8 unconfirmed (they were downed behind enemy lines – confirmations were very tough for the Austrians) never shot down even one HD-1.


You now will have the opportunity to do what Brumowski never did.


Here are some screen shots.



Look for these at the DL section.


BTW if anyone knows how to mod the AlbD.III OAW to add a straight edge rudder or a nose without the spinner, please let me know.













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I don't think altering 3D meshes in thirdwire format would be easier than modeling the Alb in 3dmax from scratch.

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Guest capun

Removing meshes can be done using Lex_Luthor's scheme (I think he did it first) but you don't know how the prop is modelled so you may end up with a funny looking prop blades.


Making the mesh different you need to change the 3D Model

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Very nice skins Sinbad (I have a peculiar fascination with the Adriatic front as well)


As to the mesh removal, expanding a little

theres a couple of things that may work,

I'm not sure what capun means by Lexx's method, I thought Lexx invented the cockpit move (very ingenious) but that won't work on external models

The method i use to hide external meshes is to make them a WEAPON_STATION system (Lexx may have invented this too :dntknw: )



ModelNodeName=BulgeFront L /////the node to remove


if theres no weapon attached the mesh will not show...

whether this would result in the breaking of the models hierarchy

and therefore in the case of the spinner you getting no prop showing you would have to experiment... :(


Adding meshes is harder (and not possible until the weapon editor arrives)

Make a "weapon" shaped like your to be added mesh and add it as a default loadout (these will animate with their parents node)

the rudder probably is doable in this way (make it slightly bigger all round and parent it to the original rudder)


Making a whole new model is a huge undertaking (I'm not sure i would describe it as easy) :wink:


the other (long shot) is to use a Tga instead of a bmp for the nodes texture (alpha channel to straighten the rudder edge for example) will probably look bad

AND you would have to hack the LOD in a tex editor to turn on transparency (look here for some clues http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...p;hl=hex+editor )

no idea whether that will work :blush:


have fun :yes:

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Excellent skins Sinbad. Thanks very much.


Edit: Forgot to mention - to me, the red is the best red I've seen, well done. Its great just watching it fly around.


PS. Did the Austrians fly the Pfalz D3? :smile: just kidding....

Edited by peter01

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