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    Morane-Saulnier N Monoplane version 1.3 18 May 2007 By Vernon "p10ppy" Bowden Please read the Installation.txt for other notes and installation instructions
  2. WIP time I've been a little loathe to post WIP's because I'm so slow at finishing compared to everyone else… so don't hold your breath Since Norman was asking about a Voisin I thought I'd post an update (Welcome Norman BTW) These are still a ways off, and I will most likely wait till the FE add-on to see what improvements TK makes to the engine Voisin Stopped work on it a little while ago when I got additional info and realized I should really redo the whole underside of the fuselage (gearing back up to it when RL permits) L30 Been work on this for a long while The model and texture are almost finished But FM and Dam model are giving me conniptions (AI does kinda fly it ok…) and the loadout seems impossible to do in a accurate way… I will ask some more detailed questions about stuff when I get a chance though I suspect most answers will be no Far off in never never land I'd love to do a taube and a Macchi M5 but we shall see PS I had a look at doing some Adriatic terrain for FE (Venice and Trieste, bottom of the Alps) but realistically I just don't have the time, tho it didn't seem to hard to do just lots of work… I'd love an Italian vs Austro-Hungarian coastal theatre
  3. WIP - Ansaldo SVA5

    The profile publication shows 29.885 feet = 9.09 metres just to add to the confusion ;) the windsock list's the Italian Airforce museum example at 9.22 metres and the http://www.museocaproni.it/ shows it at 8.00 metres :blink: maybe there was 2 versions? looks fantastic anyway :yes:
  4. looks great Laton I've always liked those crazy A-H designs... there's a smaller pilot here http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...04&hl=pilot post 3 if you are in a hurry (i'm sure geezer's will be better, this one is pre expansion pack so a little sparse poly wise)
  5. Brake Specific Fuel Consumption in FE works out empiracly to KG of fuel per KW Minute or G of fuel per W Minute (same number) not the same as wiki but any other formula seems to give silly results (in FE) so the engine Wrench posted uses 775840*0.01 grams of fuel a minute = 7.76 kg fuel/minute = 465.5 Kg/hour at full power i think
  6. dont know if this is any help http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=29704&hl= post 3 WWI but could be reskined (i can make him "footloose" if its still not enough)
  7. camelturnpolar.jpg

    From the album FE Wips

  8. thought you wanted to learn 100x100 still isn't big enough imho unless its for a very small part of the plane it just gets very stretched and blocky/soft otherwise... just to clarify a few things.. the decal does have to be square but it does not have to be to the power of 16 i.e. 300x300 works just as well as 256x256 the non-alpha layer (the coloured) does not need to be blank around the image because it is alphaed out however a neutral colour (grey) or something close to the skin colour helps blend the decal in have look here http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=23485 and I've included the PSD in the rar before I've copied and pasted the alpha layer into the channels so you can see what it looks like as its being built Decal.rar
  9. its a bit small to make a nice decal (64x64) should really be in the same range atleast as the underlying skin putting on a 512 x 512 wing map make it fill the same pixel area as it would if you painted it directly on the skin decalscale = x is in metres on the real aircraft imho and too close to the edges in a few places (atleast 1-2 pixels solid black around the edges on the alpha layer) anyway this will work after a fashion have a look at the alpha layer Insignia202a.rar
  10. Serial # Decal problem

    not sure about the animation stuff really either I've always assumed it was for the overall timing/speed of a given animationID (e.g Animation01 = animationID=1 in the data.ini) there is MaxPowerAnimationTime=0.1 MinPowerAnimationTime=0.2 in the data.ini engine section which does that for the engine animation but why that stuff is in the decal.ini (and its only a guess...i've never seen anything written about it and i think it appeared with the expansion pack) more decals will mitigate your problem somewhat (i usually do about 40 for generic great war skins, depends on how complicated the decal is) and of course it looks silly for AC numbers, they never seem to go much over 20.... The default unnumbered decal never used to work as advertised but it could have been fixed in one of the later patchs there's also the new alias list to play with...http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5734 and you also can make repeats of your sn.tgas i.e the set of tga's copied multiple times and each set renamed to the next batch of numbers (eg SN001-SN020.tga copied and renamed SN021-SN040.tga, repeat...) a bit of a hack but it works...
  11. Serial # Decal problem

    whats happening "i think" is you are running out of numbers (have a look at loadout before you fly) when it randomly selects a individual aircraft number for the flight you(player) are always lowest random iirc and so the next bunch of random numbers selected for the next mission is your AC number + all number of ac in the your flight + some random amount ...it quickly goes beyond 20 = no decal ... restarting the game resets it... Its kind of a bug really i guess ... I don't think it affects the campaign (for a while anyway) as your squady's keep their numbers till they are mia/kia and if you use a numbers.lst its easy (but boring) to select numbers in the loadout screen for single missions no solution i know of except to have a bucket load of level 2 decals (what happens in stock, 100+) the animation stuff should be there, its a newer feature...
  12. Spad VII

    http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=25101&hl http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=25117&hl http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=23523&hl have fun :yes:
  13. SPAD XII

    the pilot is a "typo" by me...sorry edit your SPAD_XII_DATA.INI in a text editor find [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PilotModelName=wwiPilotNewF PilotHeadNodeName=head Position=0.00,-0.707,0.639 MinExtentPosition=-0.29,-0.87,-0.16 MaxExtentPosition= 0.29,-0.37, 0.70 and change PilotModelName=wwiPilotNewF to PilotModelName=wwiPilotNew3 alternately have a look at this thread (a bit tricky) http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=29704&hl= as for the guns ... I'm not sure ? did you open the modified Gundata.ini in the gundata editor http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...mp;showfile=707 and save it (it needs to be saved to mod some other files) and make sure you have this bit right [GunData0XX] //////////////////////////////////XX is the next sequential number e.g. GunData042 TypeName=37MM_SAMC FullName=37mm SAMC Moteur canon Caliber=37.000000 otherwise it wont work... good luck
  14. that works for me Mike make sure you put the MISSIONCONTROL.INI in the Flight folder numbers are metres (you probably know that )
  15. Giggle yeah it is quite hard to hit with... i would have liked to make it even harder but then its not a lot of fun... AI does/did hit with it occasionally during testing... but i haven't flown it for a while I tended to fly it by itself, with SPAD VII for wingmen/AI it was very much a experten (sic) aircraft and there never seemed to be more than a couple at the front at any one time certainly never a whole Escadrille (of course you can fly it anyway you like :yes: ) have a look at this later gunsight mod if you are worried about gun convergence http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=28472&hl and unconverge the guns if they are (AimAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0) I've got the addon gunsight attached here AttachmentPosition=0.000,0.5000,0.0000 on my local XII and it certainly seems to help the AI to have uncoverged guns.... it a bit of a pain to implement i'm afraid...
  16. Changing Pilot's Ranks?

    think Wrench meant MissionData.cat I changed some of mine a while (never finished it tho ) ago here they are if you just want to C+p cant remeber if i finished them so YMMV RANKSFAM.LST [FullName] Caporal Maréchal des logis Maréchal des logis chef Adjudant Sous Lieutenant Lieutenant Capitaine Chef d'Escadron Lieutenant Colonel Colonel [ShortName] Cpl Mdl MdlChef Adj 2Lt Lt Capt ChefEsc LtCol Col RANKSGAS.LST [FullName] Unteroffizier Feldwebel Vizefeldwebel Offizierstellvertreter Leutnant Oberleutnant Rittmeister Major Oberstleutnant Oberst [ShortName] Uffz Feldwbl Vzfw Off-stl Ltn Oblt Rttm Maj Obstlt Obst RANKSRAF.LST [FullName] Sergeant Sergeant Major Warrant Officer 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel [ShortName] Sgt SgtMaj WO 2Lt Lt Lt Capt Maj LtCol Col they go in the flight folder
  17. both the vert tails are set to the same min/max extents (and their related fuel tanks) not sure that the min/max extents will effect the FM (will affect the DM tho) but the fuel load may... the other slightly weird thing is all the control surfaces are set to RotationAxis=X-Axis...guess they must have rolled the pivots in MAX? Edit: actually the tanks probably wont matter to the FM they are both set on the centre line....
  18. you don't really need to link them at all really.... any mesh on the model with animation keys set in the chosen range will animate when the relevant animationID is triggered ,,, you could have the pilot eject and the collective move on the same animationID if you REALLY wanted if you do want to link them set it up like a chain (where you put the pivots are crucial)e.g.... (just an example, the other way round may work better on your model) RotorBlade .............\ ..............Linkage .......................\ .....................Swatchplate animate the rotor (and key it) which drives the link which drives the swatchplate once you have the rotor movement good, correct the link's movement and key it then correct the swatchplates movement and key it or do it from the middle where the link drives the other two bits (again where you put the pivots is crucial) the trickier bit which i think ? you are trying to do is moving one mesh with 2 differing key sets the hierarchy's get really complicated because I don't think you can set keys in two different slots for the same mesh e.g. RotorMesh keys set to animate in slot 31-40 and 51-60 ( i could be wrong about that) so you have to do it with hierarchy linking and sometimes "dummy" meshes (tiny hidden meshes that are solely for being the top level of a animation chain and driving all the mesh animations) you can model just about any animation with TK's system it just takes a bit of lateral thinking sometimes And you have to forget about RL systems, 3d animation almost never works like a real mechanical system hope that was some help If i misunderstood you perhaps you could post some screenys
  19. The First Eagles Knowledge Base

    Decals notes Structure [Decal001] MeshName=Fuselage P///////////////model mesh to put the decal on DecalLevel=2///////////////////decal level, 0=National, 1=Squadron, 2=Individual aircraft, 3=Kill number DecalFacing=TOP ////////////////which way it face's relative to the model (0,0,0) or model CG (not sure), TOP, RIGHT, LEFT, BOTTOM, FRONT, BACK FilenameFormat=SPAD7_180\Decals\Spa3TopFu////////////Full path to decal folder Reverse=True//////////////////mirror the Decal (optional, TRUE,FALSE) Rotation=270.0//////////////rotate the decal (optional, degrees) Position=0.0,-2.4/////////////////position relative to model (0,0,0) or model CG (not sure) (metres) Scale=1.4////////////////////////////decal size (metres) DecalMaxLOD=3///////////////////////maximum LOD level the decal will be visible at Issues with 3rd party planes post Nov 08 Patch There is a new requirement for a fuller path to the decal folder (some 3rd party aircraft all read have this) replace things like (include the aircraft's folder name) FilenameFormat=Jasta4/D/TCross with FilenameFormat=SchuckertD3/Jasta4/D/TCross and all the decals should appear fine find and replace with a competent text editor makes it semi painless... (i use Notepad++)
  20. been asked abit lately http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=36004 its probably best if someone tells the 3rd party makers involved ( i'm not a member of their forums (a-team)) i should stick something in the KB i guess... re the half mapped aircraft Decal's are the only way edit: updated the KB http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry243082
  21. npptest.jpg

    From the album FE Wips

  22. Let's talk about tactics

    You are absolutely right here.... Energy fighting ... probably didn't play a part in WW1 (FE stock FM's are a bit too energy efficient IMHO) most combats would seem to be turn fights, or more or less single passes... (but i don't think that high a speed....its all relative) no Great war aircraft can really be termed a boom and zoomer, much to draggy and fragile IMHO... the wings just stayed on some airframes better then others I would say, to the contrary, to try focusing fire as much as possible , as opponents are killed faster this way. With equal level pilot/aircraft/numbers, focusing figher is the only way to win. Well Oswald Boelcke thought differently Sadly ironic that he was killed in just such a situation (collided with a Staffel mate, when both were attacking the same aircraft)
  23. Let's talk about tactics

    1: Try to secure advantages before attacking. If possible keep the sun behind you. 2: Allways carry through an attack when you started it. 3: Fire only at close range and only when your opponent is properly in your sights. 4: Allways keep your eye on your opponent and never let yourself be deceived by ruses. 5: In any form of attack it is essential to assail your opponent from behind. 6: If your opponent dives on you, do not try to evade his onslaught but fly to meet him. 7: When over the enemy's line never forget your own line of retreat. 8: For the Squadron: Attack on principle in groups of four or six. When the fight breaks up into a series of single combats take care that several do not go for one opponent.
  24. Nov 08 Patch - Missing Markings

    I'm guessing you mean the 3rd party aircraft? (spad and camel) http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry212044 post 9 If it is the 3rd party aircraft(A-team) and that doesnt fix them, you are probably better off asking them If its the stock aircraft i never reproduced the problem except in a very weird configuration (and even then i don't think it was the same) .... :(

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