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Julius Arigi Alb D.III Oef

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Julius Arigi Alb D.III Oef

Julius Arigi (1895-1981) was the second highest scoring ace in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Unlike most aces, Arigi was an NCO. On August 22, 1916, enemy aircraft were reported to be approaching the Flik 6 airfield. Arigi sought permission to take off and attack them. Because there were no officers available, to fly with him as observers, permission was denied. Acting against direct orders, Arigi took off with another NCO in his in his Hansa-Brandenburg C.I and shot down 5 enemy Farmans in less than one half hour. He survived the war, as the most highly decorated NCO in the Austrian Army Air Service, with 32 confirmed victories. No Hanroit HD-1s were among them.

My time machine is no longer operational. These skins are interpretations, well-grounded interpretations, but certainly a mix of accuracy and flaws. I am aware of two variations from the photos and other sources. The rudder depicted is round at the trailing edge, rather than the straight. Both rounded and straight rudders were used on Alb D.III’s, but I would have preferred to use the straight edge type because there are photos of this plane which clearly show the straight edged rudder. Available models do not offer the straight rudder. Some Alb DIII OEF were filed modified by removal of the prop spinner, because some came loose in flight. Again the available models do not offer this variation. Modifications of this magnitude beyond my present skill. If you can do it, please contact me.

Many sources were consulted in the preparation of these skins, including: Dr. Martin O'Connor, Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918, Austro-Hungarian Aces of World War 1 by Chris Chant, Mark Rolfe (Illustrator) / Paperback / Osprey Publishing (February 2002), Above the War Fronts by Norman L. R. Franks, Russell Guest, Gregory Alegi / Hardcover / Grub Street (September 1997), Windsock Datafile #19 Albatros D.III (Oef)/ Grosz/Colours & Markings by Ray Rimmel , The Aerodrome Forum, R.N. Pearson profiles and other material on line.


Just drop the folder in your Albatros_D3OAW folder and select Julius Arigi, in the loadout screen. There is no need to edit the ini.


This skins is made available only for your personal use. Please no distribution or republication of any part of these files. I’d appreciate any comments, especially with links to source material. Have fun.


sinbad © 2008


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