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Ki-201B Kageryu "Night Dragon"

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File Name: Ki-201B Kageryu "Night Dragon"

File Submitter: Wrench

File Submitted: 10 Feb 2008

File Updated: 29 May 2009

File Category: Axis Fighters


Ki-201B Kageryu 'Night Dragon' A "What If..." aircraft for SF/WoV/WoE WW2: 46 PTO installs



This is modification of the Dev A-Team's Me-262B NachtJager into a 'What If...' version as could have been used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force, during late 1945 through the end of the war in the 'Secret Weapons of the Pacific' world of WW2:46.


This is a complete aircraft, with all the needed parts supplied; ready to unzip, install, and fly away.


This skin, being completly fictional, represents the 100th Independant Air Company, 5th Chutai

There are NO individual aircraft numbers for these aircraft; is it assumed that there were/are very few produced, possibly as little as 6 or 8, and had none assigned.


A new Revi 16 gunsight has also been included. I've also taken the liberty of giving this aircraft an Allied codename. Since it's based off a wholy German design (and I'm assuming ATI would know this), I've called it "Franz"


A new, WoE-style Hangar Screen has been privided as well. Only available in this mod!!



==You WILL be using the Weapons Editor to Add a New Weapon - Make sure you have the latest version!==


Please see the enclosed readme for (once) simple, easy to follow install instructions


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein



IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a PERMISSION aircraft ONLY!!! It is not to be included in any mods without express, written consent of the Dev A-Team. It is not to be shared in any other way!! Even though I, The Wrench, am a Freeware Signatory, this mod, and any other mods of DAT Procudts are NOT covered by the Freeware Treaty.




Click here to download this file

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