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Mig-21PFM modifications

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Mig-21PFM modifications

Read carefully, please :yes:


This mod is not optimalised for begeeners in SFP1 series world. You need some skill with modding to finish this edit successfully.


Centerline pylon is designated for Mig-21PFM with removable GP-9 gunpod and workable/"dropable" drop tank


Removable Mig-21PFM gunpod idea by Crab 02 and madcaddie.



You can get two Mig-21PFM versions if you will follow notes in the Readme! file:


1) Mig-21PFM with removable GP-9 gunpod (you can load GP-9 or Mig-21 drop tank - East German designation Mig-21SPS-K)


2) Mig-21PFM without GP-9 gunpod. You can load drop tank only (East German designation Mig-21SPS)


No LODs, skins, or screenies uncluded in this pack. Just Mig-21 pylon and notes how make vorkable stations on two "new" Mig-21PFM vesions.


Tested in WOE.



Crab 02 and madcaddie - removable GP-9 gun pod idea

Vrkuboy - first pylon version

Amokfloo - final pylon version

Kukulo - pylon weaponstation and loadout.ini edits, a little bit reworked Amokfloos pylon skin




Thirdwire and TK for great SFP1 serries games

Crab 02 and madcaddie for their great idea!!!

Vrkuboy for his help in first phase!!!

Amokfloo for his help, finished pylon model and interest in Mig-21PFM pylon project!!!

Soulfreak for his Mig-21SPS/SPS-K topic!!!

whiteknight06604 for his important post number 12 in Soulfreaks topic on CA!!!

Gepard for his Mig-21SPS/SPS-K informations!!!

Capun for his Adding a weapons rack mini-tutorial

My Czech and Slovak frieds for their support :-)



You will enjoy, I hope :biggrin:


Kukulo (kukulino)


Edited by kukulino

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I will get permissions in the future, I hope. Than this pack will be reworked. New Mig-21PFM folders will be added with new FM with new stations included, new screenies, etc. You will just copy new folders to Objects/Arcraft directory + add some lines to Weapondata.ini, I hope. Need time and permisions to realise this idea.


This Version1.0 pack is improvisation. But it is workable :biggrin:

Edited by kukulino

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