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  1. Holy cow Jarek! Looks great. Any Chance for an OV-10B too?
  2. I´m pretty sure Harold finished it, cause the RF-51D you´ve released is based on the latest version. I don´t have latest version archived..
  3. Kevin, did you ever release Wolf´s latest P-51D? I know we made some changes on the model for the KAW mod.
  4. Sure, will send you later today when I´m back home.
  5. I still got high rez templates for Wolf´s P-51D which I did years back for the KAW mod....
  6. You´ll get the all in one package & later (when out) the Win 10 Edition.
  7. Slow progress on the HFB-320M ECM Hansajet. Right now I´m doing all stencils, after that all lines will be redone.
  8. I can get a little help on this one for propper FM.
  9. SF2_DC-117D.7z Beta

    Great Plane! Hope to have templates soon. ;-)

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