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  1. Don´t count on me, I´m full with other projects & real life stuff.... Sorry!
  2. I guess Jarek has there something in the pipeline... 😎
  3. Souli´s hands on Jarek's Huey:
  4. Projekt koordination fuer die naehere Zukunft!

    Danke Volker, dass hilft mir schon etwas weiter!
  5. DCS News & Modern Air Combat

    MAC sounds very interesting for me...
  6. Projekt koordination fuer die naehere Zukunft!

    Moin zusammen! Ich benötige mal etwas Hilfe. Und zwar hat jemand von euch gute Referenzen bezgl. der Wartungshinweise an den deutschen Hueys? Bräuchte da was zu der einfarbigen Variante und auch zu der Norm 83 Variante....
  7. Looks like the Intruders are no more available for SF2. You should contact Razbam, cause in discription SF Version is noticed: RAZBAM Grumman A-6 Intruder Third Wire Strike Fighter series -4 High detailed models with high detailed cockpits -High detailed pilots models -Accurate textures with decals -Custom sounds
  8. The model of the YAP F-105 is from Bobrock. It´s available @ turbosquit (to buy) https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-thunderchief-f-105d-hanoi-model/658005 And at the other side....
  9. Nice to see, that the AMX will be redone in SF2 standart! looking forward! ;-)
  10. Great work Jarek! Can´t wait for the AV-8B+ for the Italian Marina
  11. What if goes into another threat 🙄 Edit: mandatory screenshot

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