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  1. WTR End of Summer Update

    Ok, I guess my Joke hits the point...
  2. VSN already released a new great mod: the Delta Dart: Download: https://drive.filen.io/d/453c8ea1-f087-467a-890f-952786fa7915#i6EWVHo5tJFQdrEjts3Lt0mshDXn4GTz
  3. It is nmod related. Most of the newer mods do have distance lods.
  4. Only if the original model will be changed in 3D max.
  5. If you have corrctly modified your flightengine.ini, then it must be the Aircraft itself. Earlier Aircrafts don´t use distance lods only one main lod.
  6. @ErikGen did it with his F-80s & T-33s 😉
  7. Welcome on boart! Please check out the knowledge base. There is everything explained. What is the "Mod Folder"? - Thirdwire: Strike Fighters 2 Series - Knowledge Base - CombatACE
  8. Check here. Sadly got no material in my personal references... https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=A-6A Intruder&dimension_search_mode=min&height=1024&width=1024 https://de.scribd.com/search?query=A-6 Intruder

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