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  1. German Air Force Tornados

    Great work. Another masterpiece from Florian.
  2. There is no public template available. Try to contact "the Viper Team" or dtmdragon. ;-)
  3. Great to see that someone put hands on the AMX. It needs high quality skins. For the late grey camo sheme it is much to blueish. The sheme uses FS26134 grey color.
  4. Great Flo! But one thing, Enoc did the basic camo patterns for my Norm 83 & 87 templates!
  5. MiG-21UM Rework: will include minor Texture update, data edits & some new loadout options.
  6. Great work Flo! Thank you very much!!!
  7. You had a good run Hugh

    Rip Hugh!
  8. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

    Torno, those Focke Wulfs look amazing! Can´t wait!

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