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  1. Just a note: Your SEA skin wears the Natural Metal stenceling, which is way different from the sea camo stencils........
  2. In 1970, they were still in NMF. In 1971 they were green. http://www.airliners.net/search?aircraftBasicType=9453&airline=18721&sortBy=datePhotographedYear&sortOrder=asc&perPage=36&display=detail I guess it was like with our Jets. if they got an big maintenance they got their new sheme. So there was no exact date when the whole fleet changed. I would go for 1971 to change camo.
  3. A lot of people whom were active at simmers paint shop . com made a group @ FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/simmerspaintshop/ ;-)
  4. 2048 Terrain Tiles

    Holy cow Geezer, those titles look stunning!
  5. With Mue´s Tool box! https://combatace.com/files/file/15942-mues-toolbox/
  6. Paulo, I still got high rez templates for the reworked P(F)-51D. if you are interested....
  7. German Air Force Tornados

    Great work. Another masterpiece from Florian.
  8. There is no public template available. Try to contact "the Viper Team" or dtmdragon. ;-)
  9. Great to see that someone put hands on the AMX. It needs high quality skins. For the late grey camo sheme it is much to blueish. The sheme uses FS26134 grey color.

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