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  1. Try this Pete: - Remove all Folders (excluding your F-15 folder) from the Aircraft directory. - Protect the Aircraft folder against writing. (properties, then mark it read only) That should work...
  2. Atmospheric Improvements

    That looks outstanding! Maybe it could also adapted to SF2?
  3. Great! Check out the FSX Saab 105OE maybe it inspires you for texturing! ;)
  4. Still in the Game

    Great that you are back Raven. I´m crossing my fingers, that everything will be good for you!
  5. Looks nice so far Rincho! Thirdwire´s C-47?
  6. Just contact him, he is still around here. ;-)
  7. Jup! The F-5A was Sophocles Project. He is still around, but haven´t heard anything from him since a long time...
  8. I guess it is dead. Centurion-1 was last online Sep 2015
  9. I guess, Marcfighters MI-8 comes with (Soviet style) Helo Pilots too...
  10. Not sure, but how did f.e. YAP add so many trees on their terrain mod?
  11. That version from blackburn32 is not really high rez. Only large Images, those are missing details. So Pete, your work is really welcome!
  12. Check Rend´s Germany CE rework Bob! ;-)

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