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  1. Great job Mario! Btw, would you be so kind and share your updated templates please with us?
  2. Still in love with Stary´s IsraelME Texture upgrade....
  3. Great work! Thank you guys!
  4. Eure Meinung

  5. Sophocles sadly never finished his F-5A. The cockpit rebuild was by Centurion for the F-5E
  6. Sophocles did... :-(
  7. That was OldDiego´s Bird Dog...
  8. I mean, if you could optimize the current version of the target area editor for use with Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic.
  9. German Sea Hawks already redone... https://combatace.com/files/file/10226-marineflieger-sea-hawks-remix-for-gen-2/ mandantory screenshot:
  10. Would it be possible, to get it working with SF2 North Atlantic?
  11. Would be cool to have something similar for the stock EA-6B.... ;-)
  12. Looks damn good Pete! Reminds me to an old Matchbox kit in 1/72 i build ones....

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