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  1. Jarek, i noticed a bug in the FR.9 lod, seems to be same as an T.7
  2. Next ones on the list: KLu. Still need to redo the T-33A Decals & painting the camo RT-33A skin.
  3. Or easy delete it from the glass.dds. Btw, finished these 3 Skins today. Special thanks to Mue, who helped me hexediting the RT-33A lod.
  4. Yes, due to changes on the inis and some texture adjustments.
  5. Putting my hands on the great Fr.9 from Jarek
  6. I will go for RAF FR.9.... Btw great work Jarek! 👍
  7. It was done for Beppe´s A-26 Versions if I´m right or?
  8. The Captain (Movie)

    I would like to recommend you guys the movie "the Captain" It is a film based on true events 2 weeks before the 2nd world war ended in Germany. The events took place in the area where I was born, grown and still live. https://youtu.be/w2hg0S6y2X8 https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/the-captian-movie.html
  9. Some more silver T-Birds (a big thanks to ravenclaw_007 for the JG71 Tulip he made me)

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