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  1. https://www.airhistory.net/photo/248220/6629 🤷🏻‍♂️ Btw, it is an RF-104G! Scramble also says that the later RF-104s that came in late 80s from Germany (Navy) had 4 digit numbers.
  2. Looks like this is the older FS9 version. So the paintkits on Alphasim freeware section should fit (mirroring some textures I guess).
  3. I have 2 different paintkits. One for the early (FS9) one and one for the late (FSX) one,,,, Don´t know wich is used....
  4. I have to check at home if i´ve got the paintkit for the FSX version. The paintkit for the earlier version is available at the Virtavia freeware side, but in a low resolution.
  5. Wasn´t the T-34C original the Alphasim one? Then there will be templates available....
  6. I use an X56 Rhino. Works outstanding for me.
  7. Are those ships set as objects in the terrain or did you put them manually with the mission editor in your mission? If so, try to set them in mission with the mission editor.
  8. Fiat G.91T.1 Reduxe

    I guess you can read the description? 😉
  9. View File Fiat G.91T.1 Reduxe Fiat G.91T.1 Reduxe WHAT'S IN - FIAT G.91T.1 (2 Aircraft) - 8 highrez (8K) skins - historical decalset - sounds - weapons - Pilot CREDITS: - Erikgen: Aircraft 3D model - Stary Cockpit 3D model - paulopanz: sounds, ini editing of original T.1 mod - GKABS: Pilot model - Soulfreak: complete new Templates, historical Decals, ini dance, fixed problems with 260l tank textures etc. TO INSTALL: 1st: you have to delete Paulo´s mod (Aircraft & Decal folder), elsewise it will cause trouble and mod won´t work correct!!! - put all in your main mod folder and let overwrite when asked OPERATIONS: - Key=10 canopy open RELEASE NOTE: When Enrico retired from modding and left this plane unfinished, was a very very sad day for this community. But I did my best to make the best of that what we´ve got . I hope you´ll kike it. Schapen, Dez. 17th 2022 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi Submitter Soulfreak Submitted 12/17/2022 Category Other Origin  
  10. Fiat G.91T.1 Reduxe finished work on this beauty today. Download is awaiting approval.

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