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a little Pet story

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Well there was this guy, who did get a Duck as an birthday pressent, and he he really loved that bird, it was wherever he was, one day he did go to the movie, and as allways the Duck was with him. But the Lady which sell the tickets said " No Pets allowed in the Theatre" So the guy turned arround and began to walk back to his Home, but he really wanted to see this movie, He stuffed the Duck down hist pants and turned back to the Theatre buying a Ticket and sat down right next to a young couple clossest to the Female, when the Movie did start, he unzipped his pants and the Duck put its head out. After a while the young lady beside the man whispered to her guy" The man next to me has pulled his D..K out, and her guy replied "If it's not bother you, them let him be" and she replied " Thats easy for you to say, it's not yours popcorn it's eating.

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