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I've been thinking about what current aircraft on the Arab side fit a Six Day War. This is the list I've come up with.


MiG 15bis - Egypt, Syria

MiG 15UTI - Egypt

MiG 17F - Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq

MiG 17PF - Egypt, Syria

MiG 19 - Egypt, Syria, Iraq

MiG 21F-13 - Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq

MiG 21PF - Egypt, Syria

MiG 21PRM - Egypt

Hunter FR Mk6 - Jordan, Lebanon

Hunter FR Mk59B - Iraq

Vampire FB Mk59 - Jordan

Venom F Mk1 - Iraq

Venom FB Mk52 - Iraq

Jet Provost Mk52 - Iraq

Su 7BMK - Egypt

Il-28 - Egypt, Syria, Iraq

Tu-16 - Egypt, Iraq

C-47 - Egypt, Syria

An-12B - Egypt, Iraq

Mi-8 - Egypt

Wessex Mk52 - Iraq

Whirlwind - Jordan


Anyone fancy a skinning project or two? :biggrin:



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Guest Bounder

this may help some


Arab - Israeli Aircraft Losses








Hawker Hunter

Fighters Total 232 (58)


Tupolev Tu-16

Ilyushin Il-28 29

Bombers Total 59


Mil Mi-4 1

Mil Mi-6 10

Helicopters Total 11

Ilyushin Il-14 / C-47 Dakota 24

Antonov An-12 8 (1)

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