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  1. A slightly different take on the Spanish Civil War - Alas Rojas Squadron. Equipped with 9 Br.19s, 4 Nieuport 52s, 1 Fokker F.VIIB, 1 DH89 Dragon Rapide and a mix of civilian aircraft.
  2. Thanks mate! I'll give it a try. In the meantime, I've nearly finished a Belgian Br19 (Ecole d’aéronautique). Just need to do some decals for the "Br19A2B2" and aircraft numbers for the tail.
  3. I've managed to move the loadout to under the fuselage but can't get rid of the wing bomb racks. I've forgotten so much while away. Maybe a Greek Skin next.
  4. Well, that's a start on the fuselage. Now on to the wings.
  5. Have a look at a tool like FilterForge.
  6. Nice! Is there a French navy skin in preparation?
  7. Actually, the Br.19 is by Stephen1918 and is available on the FE downloads. As the Belgian Br.19s were mainly built as recon (A) or bombers (B) I'm still tossing up whether to paint in bomb bay doors, an aiming portal for the pilot and changing the loadout to include 50kg of small bombs carried vertically.
  8. At the time of the German invasion, Belgium operated a few Br.19s in its advanced training school. Some were pressed into a communications role. Early progress shots.
  9. New Aircraft

    If you every need detail for doing early machine guns - go to my local WWI aircraft manufacturer. Their replicas are the best - http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/gun-room
  10. Eddy Rickenbacker’s N 28

  11. RNAS Nieuport 11

  12. Barker’s Camel


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