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WoI Hangar & Loadins Screens Pak 1

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WoI Hangar & Loadins Screens Pak 1

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WoI Hangar and Loading Screen Set 1


The enclosed screens are redesigns of many of my original 'Mid East Wars' set, now using the new format for Wings Over Isreal. (the set up got changed ... again!!)


They replace the other, earlier versions built for SF/WoV/WoE. In many instances, the same names are used, so don't feel obligated to safe the old ones, unless you're using them in any of the other games.


You'll get Hangar Screens for the following aircraft:


EAF Meteor 4

EAF Spitfire 5

EAF/UAR Spitfire 22

IDF Ahit


IDF Beaufighter

IDF Brakeet (F-16D for those that don't know)

IDF Harvard

IDF Kfir (for all variants)

IDF Meteor F8

IDF Mirage 3 CJ

IDF Netz (F-16A)

IDF Ouragan

IDF Phantom (need I say?)

IDF Spitfire 9


You'll get Loading Screens for these aircraft:



IDF Meteor F8


Mirage 3CJ




Easy to follow instructions in the enclosed readme ... sorry there's no picture, but most of you already know what they look like




kevin stein


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