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Pasko's SAMs and Vehicle Pak - Desert Skins

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Pasko's SAMs and Vehicle Pak - Desert Skins

Don't know how this one got overlooked...but here it is.


Nice additions for any desert terrain -- tested and and works in WoI - see readme for details


List of included objects:

(most, if not all, with Tan desert camo - see notes in enclosed readme for more details)




BRDM-2AT (Saggar Launcher)


Centurion (desert)


D-20 152mm artillery piece

Flat Face Radar

FROG-3 Launcher

Hawk CW Radar

Hawk HP Radar

Hawk Launcher

IS-2 Stalin tank

KS-12 85mm AA

KS-19 100mm AA (renamed KS-19_P)

KS-30 130mm AA (left green)

M-41 Walker Bulldog Tank

M-42 Duster

M-60A1 Patton Tank

PT-76 (reapaint of stock)

SA-3 Goa Dual

SA-3 Goa Mobile

SA-3 Goa Quad


SA-8 Gecko

SA-9 Gaskin

Sidenet Radar

Spoonrest Radar

Su-100 Tank


T-55 bridgelayer (now renamed T-55 BL, and set as a transport)

T-62 MBT

Type 59 MBT (PRC Tanks)

Type 62

Type 63

Type 69



See the enclosed readme for install instrucitons, some general notes, explinations and so forth. WoI users please take note of the notes !!! :rofl:


With thanks to Pasko for creating these, and whom ever did the PRC tanks... btw, it's a really old screenshot...


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