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UK prepares for multirole deployment of Eurofighter Typhoon

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SOURCE:Flight International

UK prepares for multirole deployment of Eurofighter Typhoon

By Craig Hoyle



The UK Royal Air Force appears to be on track to meet its target of being

able to deploy the multirole Eurofighter Typhoon internationally from July,

with the UK Ministry of Defence having announced a deal to acquire temporary

shelters to house the aircraft while on overseas operations.

The RAF's 11 Sqn last year began preparing for a possible deployment to

support NATO forces in Afghanistan from mid-2008, but sources now indicate

that the UK's BAE Systems Harrier GR9s currently operating from the nation's

Kandahar airfield could instead be replaced by a detachment of RAF Panavia

Tornado GR4s.

The MoD says the contract to support international operations of the Typhoon

will cover the procurment of between eight and 10 climate-controlled, rapid

deployment shelters to be supplied by Rubb Building Systems under an award

worth up to £685,000 ($1.3 million). Deliveries should be completed by late

April, it adds, with the structures required to "provide an environmental

seal in all climatic zones for the protection of personnel, IT and other

equipment, for a minimum period of six months, or until more permanent

infrastructure is made available".

Raytheon Systems has, meanwhile, been awarded an £8.5 million contract to

support the integratation and flight trial of its Paveway IV

precision-guided bomb with the GR4 airframe by 2010. The work will form part

of a more than £200 million package of enhancements recently awarded to BAE

to ensure the long-term combat utility of the GR4, also including the

adition of new datalink equipment (Flight International, 12-17 February).

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