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Just found out here that it is possible to mod IL-2, I absolutely love the game and Im really glad that it is at last, possible(I love modding and have at least tried to mod every game I have :biggrin: ). Anyhow, I really want to begin, but im a bit as a loss at how to do... ANYTHING. Ive extracted the "files.sfs" and all the "3DOX.sfs" files from a copy of IL-2+AEP+PF(I decided to mod this, since with 1946 I won't be playing it online anymore, but I also copied the entire game to another folder before starting, and yes, it works :p ).

Long story short, I tried to get the B5N2 Kate to by flyable by copying the D3A1 cockpit(under 3DO/Cockpits). Since this doesn't work im assuming that im going about the whole thing completely wrong.


In Short, im trying to make AI planes flyable, and im at a loss as how to do this, as for the .jar executables, they don't work(is there any way around using them, if not how do I update Java? :p ). I'd like to say that I will not use this copy of the game to do any sort of cheating, etc, I fly honorably, and am an enemy to pathetic cheaters.


BTW: is there any way to set it up so that a tank or ship could be "flyable", or even adding a new plane, and putting the data so that it has no lift? For ships it could be a "floatplane", and its model and weapons data could be set to that of the ship/tank? Im not hiding my extremely long-shot intentions very well :p


oh, and Btw: Hi :p

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