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A Newbie needs some help

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Forgive me for starting a new topic, I'm sure all of this has been covered before but I'm new to the forum, new to First Eagles, and I honestly would greatly appreciate a quicker way than trying to read through 33 pages for answers...


I purchased First Eagles on line, installed it, then bought the Expansion pack and installed it, all yesterday. I also tried to install the newest patch but it said First Eagles was already up to date so I assume that the expansion pack includes the latest patch...?


I'm an old RB2 fan but I really like the flying in First Eagles. If it hadn't been for some very mediocre reviews, I probably would have tried it a lot sooner. It has certainly surpassed my expectations.




1) Will the Cambrai 1917 and Bloody April 1917 campaigns work okay with the expansion version? I'd really like to try those.

2) Could someone point me to info on installing new planes, hangar art, etc. Easy, I'm sure, but still could use your help.

3) I've had some strange things happen... I was flying a single mission and I went into a spin and crashed, no big deal... but then I checked out the other planes in the area. Two Spads were "stuck" in mid-air, not moving at all, with their props broken. They weren't moving or falling, because everytime I toggled through the planes and got back to them, they were in the same place... weird. Also started a campaign mission in the snow and my plane was stuck in the ground with the bottom of the fuselage buried in the snow. Hmmm -- should I reinstall or something?

4) I was sent an activation code for both the original game and the expansion but never had to type those in anywhere... is that standard procedure?


Sorry to be a bother. I'm amazed at the quality of the user-made aircraft and look forward to trying some as well as FMs (Peter01 looks like the resident guru), menus, etc. etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Hello guitarclassic55 and welcome to CombatACE!


You are correct in assuming that the Expansion Pack includes all the patches and updates for First Eagles.


1. Those two campaigns were built pre Exp. Pack. As a lot of the planes involved are pre-expansion also there may be problems with FM compatibility and AI performance.


2. The SFP1/WOV/VOE/WOI Knowledge Base here contains a lot of information about how things work that applies equally to First Eagles. However if you have any specific questions I'm sure we can help out.


3. I've see the "floating planes" too although not often. Don't know what causes it. :dntknw: I haven't seen the sinking plane thing in First Eagles but have heard of it in the rest of the Thirdwire series. Maybe someone else can offer help there.


4. Activation codes not necessary. However I'd keep those numbers somewhere for reference as I think they can help if you have problems with the downloads and need to contact Thirewire.

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Thanks Tailspin. Your info is greatly appreciated. I'll delve into the past forum posts and if I can't find something I'll be back with questions.


One more specific question, though...


Do you recommend using the AI enhancement file and FMs by peter01 for the expansion? Nice to have a good challenge.


Thanks again,



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