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  1. Testing the waters again...

  2. Hi Guys, I've been away for almost a year, new computer now and considering getting back into FE. A few questions... is the November 2008 patch a step forward? Has there been any community-made "superpatch" - planes, campaigns, etc.? Thanks in advance.
  3. FMs Uploaded

    Thanks for all your hard work, Peter. Looking forward to starting over too, and giving it a new go. Guitar
  4. wind sounds

    Sounds intriguing... looking forward to hearing what you come up with.
  5. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    I see what you mean now... I'll see if I can't figure it out and fix it. Until then, just click on the text itself, not the arrows. I probably never noticed it because I tend to click on the text anyway instead of the arrows. Thanks.
  6. Expansion Pack - "Check Six" View?

    Tailspin, I changed the cockpit yaw values as you suggested on the Sopwith Pup and I can now see almost to (but not quite) the stabilizer from either direction. While I'd really like to see the stabilizer, it is at least an improvement.
  7. Hi and welcome, I'm probably not the best person to answer your question, but since it's Saturday morning and no one else is around, I'll tell you what I know. It is a bit confusing, the different possibilities with FE: Original FE with only stock planes Original FE with added custom planes and some INI tweaking Original FE with added custom planes and the FIRST PATCH (which fixed a lot of things that made the INI tweaking necessary) FE with Expansion Pack (includes the first patch changes) FE with EP and April 2008 patch FE without EP and April 2008 patch On top of that there are custom FMs for the custom planes PRE-EP and post-EP, and custom FMs for the stock planes pre- and post-EP, most notably the ones by peter01. The post-EP ones by peter01 were being raved about but after the April 2008 patch came out they didn't work as well so peter01 pulled them from the download section (I believe). I wish I could give you more direction and more information... I know that several people have multiple installs of FE: one original FE for early-war planes, and one or more other installs for later planes,usually incorporating the EP and/or latest patches. Personally, I fly the EP with the April 2008 patch. I also fly the custom planes with peter01's pre-EP FMs... I'm sure he's probably cringing reading this... because the planes probably don't feel like they should, or perform the way they should since TK (the designer/programmer of Thirdwire series) changed things FM-related with the EP and again with the April 2008 patch. Nevertheless, I fly them that way. I also like flying in campaign mode. Firecage has a great all-inclusive start-to-finish campaign called planefest that uses many of the custom planes. I haven't tried it since the April 2008 patch so I can't say for certain that it will work. I'm currently flying the Bloody April 1917 campaign by Charles (I think...) and it is excellent given the limitations of the campaign system. It took a while to get all the planes together for Firecage's campaign... some need to be downloaded from Capun's site after you register there, if you haven't already they are well worth the effort. [There's another thread on the subject from the not too distant past.] Lots of great talent here with many excellent contributions... but it's not exactly pulled together in neat and tidy order. Good luck and happy flying! Hopefully others will chime in and clarify the things I've left murky... Guitarclassic55
  8. FE at double speed?

    It does seem to be quite a bit slower... I feel like I'm flying a kite sometimes in OFF. Not to criticize it, I do like it for several reasons, but I like the flying better in FE. FE seems much more like the DOGFIGHT TV series (whatever it's called, can't remember) computer-generated depictions of WWI dogfights, too. [With the except of the planes breaking up sooo frequently and being sooo easy to kill in FE with the stock ammo settings...] If someone could just make a comprehensive campaign mod that lets you feel like you're really enlisted and if you die, you're dead... and like you're really attached to a certain squadron with other pilots, etc. I know FE models that, but it doesn't have the feel to it that I'm looking for... you know, RB3Dish... hate to harken back but it seems like the best comparison.
  9. Expansion Pack - "Check Six" View?

    Thanks... I hope to get a chance to try it out later tonight... will let you know if it works.
  10. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    Hi ansons2, I can't recreate this problem in any install version - original, or patched original, or Expansion Pack, or Expansion Pack with April 2008 patch. Instant Action always works for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Sorry I can't be more help.
  11. Expansion Pack - "Check Six" View?

    If I change the cockpit yaw values, will that give me the ability to look all the way back on both sides with TrackIR4? Sounds like it would... I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
  12. New to FE

    I loved playing RB1, got me hooked on flight simulators and WWI in particular. I used to write up my own mission reports after each mission. I still remember peering at the screen, waiting for a pixel to appear and turn into a few pixels, then into a plane shape. I remember going around and around and around in a dogfight with Immelmann, and making it home safe after tangling with Udet in his red-striped Eindecker. I also remember being chased home by three Alb. D III's as the sun set and stars began to appear. It was way cool for way back then.
  13. FE at double speed?

    Yes, aware of time compression, I have the time cycle button mapped to T. In hindsight, maybe I've just gone crazy... perhaps FE just gives a better sense of movement than OFF, plus I was flying late war planes in FE and early war planes in OFF. Yep, I'm pretty sure I've gone crazy.
  14. Anyone not applying the April 2008 FE patch will not be able to access the Campaign screen... instead you'll get a black page. I have posted a replacement campaignscreen.ini that will fix the problem. Please follow the directions. This is ONLY for people who haven't applied the April 2008 patch.

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