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Airbus Lost 1,4 Bi with A-380

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Aircraft giant Airbus leads to losses of $ 1.4 billion in 2007


The European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus had an operating loss of more than $ 1 billion last year, despite having registered a record number of applications, which dragged to his house red matrix, EADS, the results indicated the company disclosed today.

ecause of problems by higher than planned costs of its giant A380 aircraft and delays in its A400M military plane, the Airbus reported losses of 881 million euros ($ 1.4 billion dollars), a result worse than that of 2006, when the losses were 572 million euros.


"The year 2007 was difficult, with many challenges to overcome," said the chairman of EADS, Louis Gallois.


The very EADS was in the red in 2007, with a net loss of 446 million euros ($ 684.6 million), after a collapse in its profits during 2006, but the group of European aeronautics and defence anticipated a turn to green this year.


The profits represented by operating earnings before taxes and interest (EBIT) would, in 2008, of 1.8 billion euros, compared with only 52 million euros last year.


The company also expects sales exceeding 40 billion euros this year, against 39.1 billion in 2007.




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I seem to remember reading a few years ago (ok maybe 8 it was in 2000) that Airbus has never actually made a profit. That's not to say the companies that owned it didn't make a profit, just Airbus didn't. I'm guessing it was something along the lines of BAe selling Airbus the wings it makes at a price whereby all the profit went straight to BAe rather than going through two sets of books.

Now it's virtually the civil arm of EADS I don't know if that's still the case.

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the fact that aircraft are priced in US$ whilst their cost base is in Euros is causing Airbus lots of problems with exchange rate losses.

You can bet that the EADS factory planned for Alabama for the KC-45 won't be just making those for very long, they'll try & get civil production going as well to take exchange rates out of the equation for some production.

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