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Help with Environmentsystem.INI

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Hello guys!!! I need help about the "BaseWindSection" inside the ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.INI




BaseWindSpeed=5 -------------- What unit are used here?

BaseWindDirection=0 -------------- The wind goes to the North?

WindChange[01].ChangeTime=0.5 --------?

WindChange[01].ChangeChance=60 --------?

WindChange[01].SpeedAmount=0.2 --------?

WindChange[01].SpeedRate=0.1 ----------?

WindChange[01].DirectionAmount=5.0 -----?

WindChange[01].DirectionRate=20.0 -------?



If anyone knows what means each line... please, reply this post!!!


Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Most of that controls random changes in wind.


With TK's advice, I found that you best set wind speed and direction in the mission text file, at least for single missions (not sure about campaigns). Below is taken from a mission text file I use...the units are degrees and m/s. I use this to model high altitude winds, so no gusting.






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