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  1. Hello!!! I've extracted some files from IcelandNA terrain and I found some files Does anyone know the function of the ICELAND_DETAIL_MAP.bmp file and how it works in the the terrain? Beside, in the IcelandNA.ini file is a line: LocationMap=IcelandNA_Location.bmp Does anyone know the function this BMP file and how it works? Than you very much!!!! Rover
  2. Hello CowboyTodd41 No, the default campaign will not work with this terrain because some target areas are different than the original terrain, and the scale of the terrain is bigger than the original terrain. So, the strategic nodes and the frontline changes. For fix this problems, I will include a new campaign file as an extra item of my terrain. Regards
  3. Hello guys!!! I'm still working on the terrain!!! This is a video about my work. I hope you like it: http://youtu.be/q_v3g03cbwo Regards
  4. Hello!!! I've installed SFP1 on D: gerd drive, I've patched to 2008 version but, two things happend: 1) I can't set the screen resolution (there appear no options for that). 2) When I want to play any mission, the sim crashed to the desktop. I can't find the post in Knowledge Base, and I wish ti install SFP1 on W7 for multiplayer gaming!!! Thanks!!!
  5. Hi everybody!!! Still working on this MOD. Today I will present: Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley: Pucara flying over Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley. Bnidos Team's Mirage IIIEA over Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley Sea Harrier attack rum. Argentine Army helos near Governor House Prefectura Naval Argentina (Argentinie Coast Guards) helo. Argentine Army Chinook Argentinian Marines. Mountains surrounding Puerto Argentno/Port Stanley: in them, you can recreate CAS missions for ground troops for both sides ("Monte Dos Hermanas" means "Two Sisters Mount") Artillery Duel Testing the Exocet laucher on the new terrain: ...and it works fine!!! So, I hope you like it!!!! Regards...
  6. Rover's MODs

    Images of my work in progress of my MODs.
  7. Hello everybody!!! Some years ago I've started a new terrain for be used on Kesselbrut's "Falklands All Inclusive MOD". Now, I'm back for finish this terrain for SF2. This are some screenshots of this project: Banidos Team Mirage IIIEA Flying over Puerto Argentino/Port Stanley. Malvinas Military Airbase (BAM Malvinas)/Stanley Airport. Parked Aermacchi MB-339A (MB-339A 3D model made by me, skin made by Torno) Parked IA-58 Pucará (Pucará 3D model made by me, skin made by Torno) BAM Malvinas/Stanley Airport control tower. Hercules approaching. Hercules landing. Parked Hercules. Sea Harrier attacking BAM Malvinas. Fitz Roy/Buff Cove. Darwin/Goose Green - Condor Military Airbase (BAM Cóndor)/Goose Green Airstrip) British frigate probiding artillery ground fire support over Goose Green. Pucará in CAS mission over Darwin. Harrier Gr.3 in CAS mission. The ground battles will be fought in all "historic" places, such as Goose Green, the mountains Longdon, Williams, Harriet, Tumbledown, Wireless Ridge, Two Sisters, Top Malo House, Sapper Hill and even the assault made by SAS on the Naval Air Calderón (Plabbe Island) . In all cases we can provide close air support. Canberra going to battle. San Carlos water. San Carlos FOB. Well, this is it until now. More screenshot will be added while I finish this project. I hope you like. Regards.
  8. Feliz Cumpleaños a .....!

    ¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños y mis mejores deseos para Nacho y para Marcos!!! ¡¡Un abrazo!!!
  9. Rover's Aviation Photos

    Images from real life taken by me. In this album you will see photos about air shows, exhibitions & events; air sports, model aircrafts, aviation museums and general aviation.

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