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Check this out...

Libya terrain in WOI with IsraelME.cat







On the beach....taking a sun......




WATCH OUT! TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



errrm xD




all of this could be very cool, if i can just takeoff with my S-3, but I cannot, everytime explode on the flight deck...

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It caused by the fact the ALL the terrain tiles have new names, and are unusable in the older games; even if you copy/paste the terraintile info from the IsrealME_Data.ini. The earlier maps use either the SF, WoV or WoE naming conventions for thier tile set & data inis. Also, the 'tod' files, which help define the height above ground/sea level and completly different. To say nothing of the terrain HFD and TFD files.


So, in essence, don't try using them. They don't work. Unless, of course, you are a Terrain Guru, and wish to rebuild each and every one of the older terrains to WoI standards. A complete and utter waste of time. When there's perfectly good tiles to be used, along with the existence of 3 distinct terrain cat files (Desert, VietnamSEA and GermanyCE) that allow you to use the pre-exiting tiles in pre-existing maps with the addition of one simple line to the main ini of the terrain in question.



kevin stein

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