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impossible intercept missions and messed up campaign.

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i have tried to play a campaign in strike fighters a few times and it works well until an intercept mission comes up. when i get to the objective point i fail the mission. it happens usually when a friendly drops a bomb in the area. i think the game thinks my friendly bombers are the bandits. i haven't tried to target them yet though. also when i skip interecept missions and play missions like CAP, fighter sweep, etc. it works fine... for a little while.a few missions later no primary targets show up and i fail the mission as soon as the mission starts. also when i upgraded to an f-104 it didn't let me fly the f-104. it made me fly the f-100. its drivin me nuts. this game is too fun. but riddled in bugs. if anyone knows what the deal is please help.


i almost forgot. when i first got the game it would upgrade to the f-104 after about 3-5 missions. now it doesn't mention aircraft upgrades at all.


please help i have reinstalled the game and used the patch but it doesn't seem to help. thanks

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ok good im glad its not just me. i guess i'll have to live with single player missions. do downloaded campaigns work? ill have to download one of them and see. thanks for help.

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