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Wings over Aeland - You peps who made Swedish skins, please check here...

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I am currently in the late stages of creating a Battle for Aeland Campaign with Swedish Air Force defending the Island and - guess who the bad guys are. :dntknw:


At any rate; At this time the mod is purely for my own entertainment but I would like to get in touch with the following creators:

Makers for:

"J-33 Venom" Skin and Mod.

"J28B Vampire" Skin and Aircraft. (The Venom mod with preinstalled Swe skin)

"J34 Hunter" Skin and Aircraft (The Hunter F6 mod with preinstalled Swe skin)

J29 Tunnan Aircraft

J35 Draken Aircraft

J37 Viggen Aircraft

J39 Gripen Aircraft (Expect a PM, I know you who are :grandpa: )


Creator of the Falklands Skin for WoE (I raped it into Aeland... they look pretty much the same at any rate...)


Here is the question I give to you all:


Is it okey if I release a mod with your content, giving you full credit in the readme?

If not, please contact me via this thread or PM.


I bask in your unseen presence for the Aircraft btw... :notworthy:

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